Making Sense of Your World, 2nd Edition

Making Sense of Your World by John Stonestreet William E. Brown W. Gary PhillipsFor the last several months, I have been working on revising the book I learned worldview from: Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview. Here is an excerpt from the preface, which I wrote:

My worldview “teeth” were cut on this book. I transferred to Bryan College as a second year student in the fall of 1994. My decision to transfer was based on sports, and I had little knowledge about the school itself or its emerging emphasis on Biblical worldview. What I discovered was an institution committed to a worldview approach to education and to training Christian leaders in all areas of life. This commitment was due in large part to the vision and leadership of its president, Dr. William E. Brown. Bill is one of those rare college presidents whom students love to hear speak in chapel; in fact, his were rarely skipped. I learned from Bill the importance of understanding and engaging culture, that I could not withdraw from the world that I was trying to reach with the Gospel, and that people were never my enemy. Bill’s invitation a year after I graduated from Bryan to return and lead the “Worldview Team” ministry that he had started essentially put my life on its current trajectory.Dr. W. Gary Phillips was the first professor I encountered at Bryan- the class was called “Biblical Worldview.” At the time, I had no idea what the word “worldview” even meant, but the class was life-changing for me. I learned that Christianity was to be applied to every area of life and culture, and that thinking was a Christian thing to do. I went on to take several more classes from Gary, and I left each one changed. In most of his classes, I kept two sets of notes: one for what I needed to know for the test, and another for what I knew I never wanted to forget. His classes awakened my mind and forged the basis of my worldview.

It would be hard for me to quantify the extent to which these men have shaped my thinking. Now, I teach on Biblical worldview at Bryan College, at Summit Ministries programs, and in other contexts whenever I can. More than once over the last several years, I have supposed myself to have stumbled onto some new revolutionary truth, only to remember later that I had actually heard it first from Gary or Bill.

This is why I did not hesitate when Gary asked me about being involved in an update of this book. There is an extensive, and growing, body of evangelical literature on worldview, but in my view, this book remains unique. There are excellent books that compare worldviews (i.e. Jim Sire’s The Universe Next Door), there are excellent books that contrast the Biblical worldview with other worldviews (i.e. David Noebel’s Understanding the Times), and there are a few excellent books that help one construct a Biblical worldview (i.e. Nancy Pearcey’s Total Truth).

What Making Sense of Your World offers is a basic, accessible introduction to Biblical worldview that covers all of these aspects of worldview thinking. Part One compares the basic worldviews, Part Two contrasts (and seeks to defend) the Biblical worldview with the others, and Part Three constructs a biblical worldview in four key areas. This book is an overview; the Christian thinker is invited to continue his or her study through the recommended readings at the end of each chapter–an ongoing task Paul labels the “renewing” of our minds (Romans 12:2).

I am happy to announce the release of the revised edition. You can purchase it through the Summit webstore.