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Summit’s programs make enormous impact! Graduates report staying connected with their Christian faith at a rate far above the national average. Summit helps students think like a Christian. Help more students have this life-changing experience today. Give online today!

With your help, we can turn the tide! Students are bombarded everyday with lies. The enemies to Christianity fight to keep the truth hidden. At Summit, we give students the tools to see through the lies and to stand strong for the truth.

Your help makes a difference! Just listen to those that have experienced Summit:

“Summit honestly was one of the best experiences of my life. It was challenging mentally (as we touched many topics deeply), socially (as we got to meet many new people), and spiritually (as we approached God with hard questions). These challenges made the perfect environment to learn and grow. I sincerely l hope that I get the opportunity to go back in the future!” -Lacey Murphy

“Throughout those very short two weeks the Lord showed me, through the various speakers, how important it is to defend my faith and Christian Worldview.” -Crystal Fitts

“I attended in 2000. The things I learned at Summit were life altering. I saw Christians who knew why they believed, what they did and how they could articulate it in winsome ways. I’ll never forget Dr. Nobel’s, ‘If you want to be a leader, you’ve got to be a reader.’ I wish everyone could attend Summit before heading off to college. I will change your life!” -Mark Fansler