Josh McDowell Says Go!

Dear Parents,

As a young man who considered himself agnostic and thought Christianity was worthless, and now as an author, evangelist, and apologist, I recognize that young people need to learn how to stand strong in their Christian faith and defend it to champion a biblical worldview.

That’s why as one parent to another, I want you to send your young adult to a Summit Student Conference this summer in California, Colorado, or Tennessee to teach your child how to stand firm in truth and to engage a post-Christian generation.

Why Summit?

Josh McDowell Says GoTheir intensive 2-week retreats are designed to teach students (ages 16-22) how to analyze the various ideas that are currently competing for their hearts and minds and to defend truth. Students are mentored by Christian leaders in academia, public policy, and business.

From age 18 to 29, there is a 58 percent drop in church attendance. Some studies show that up to 70 percent of young adults who were active in church will stop attending in their twenties. It’s a tragedy, and sending your child to a Summit conference can help stop it. At Summit, 95% of students who attend, stay committed and faithful to church throughout their years in college and beyond.

Want to learn more about Summit?

My son Sean will be leading the two-week worldview intensive at Biola University, and I promise you this will be the greatest trajectory changing experience your young adults will experience. I know because Sean attended when he was a teen, and it had a huge impact on him. I don’t say this lightly: Summit is a must for any student wanting to remain strong when they leave home.

Online registration is now open for the 2014 Summit Student Conference in Colorado, Tennessee, and California. Click here to register a student today.

This is two weeks that will change your children’s lives forever!


Josh McDowell

Pastor, Speaker, and Author