Dr. Jeff Myers to Speak at Great Homeschool Conventions 2019

Join Dr. Jeff Myers at this year’s Great Homeschool Conventions.

Great Homeschool Conventions promotes and produces seven (7) regional homeschooling conventions each year. Homeschool moms and homeschooling families attend from all over the United States and Canada – remarking that these events are Equipping, Encouraging and FUN – and are truly the Homeschooling EVENTS of the YEAR!

Each of these GHC homeschool conventions has a huge curriculum and resource Exhibit Hall that Moms love being able to browse and shop in. When you’re looking for the best homeschooling resources for your children, there’s nothing quite like being able to examine a curriculum in-person, and even often ask questions of the very person that developed the resource that you are considering.

The regional GHC Homeschooling conventions also provide 100s of workshops from which a homeschooling mom or dad may choose to attend only those workshops that are most applicable for them. These workshops cover important topics like Classical homeschooling, Charlotte Mason homeschool, Special Needs homeschooling, homeschooling math, homeschooling writing, homeschool language arts, history for homeschool, understanding learning styles, practical & proven parenting methods, worldview for teens and so very much more!

Finally, GHC homeschool conventions always have a truly outstanding roster of homeschooling speakers that lead the workshop sessions at our regional homeschool conventions. Most of our speakers have homeschooled their own children, and some of them were even homeschooled themselves. Other speakers may not have been a homeschooling parent specifically, but they do have experience and information that is pertinent and valuable for homeschooling moms and dads. In either case, however, our speakers have a real heart for homeschool families and for helping our attendees be completely successful homeschooling their children.

Beyond the core homeschooling convention elements of homeschool speakers, homeschooling workshops and homeschool curriculum/homeschooling resources exhibit hall — a GHC homeschool convention always has very special optional extras that are designed to make our homeschooling convention an even more rewarding time of fun and fellowship for homeschool moms and homeschooling families. This includes things like our optional Children’s Conference; our special Friday “Family Comedy Night” with comedian Jonnie W; our Andrew Peterson concert on Thursday evening; SLUGS & BUGS – Live! On Friday; and extra special speakers like Douglas Gresham (Stepson of C.S. Lewis) and Kris “Tanto” Paranto (Homeschooling Dad, former Army Ranger and Benghazi Survivor).