How do Christians respond after the election? [Free webinar]

Dr. Jeff MyersTuesday, November 8th was a historic day.

Millions of Americans sat glued to the edge of their seats watching the vote counts rise. Political anxieties – on all sides – were at an all-time high. We waited and wondered…

And then we woke up on Wednesday. We know now that Donald Trump will be our next president, but do we know what our next tasks as Christians should be?

As the dust settles, we have to ask ourselves: now what? As Christians, we were never meant to be a people on the sidelines. Whether we are discouraged or elated, it’s time to dive in and get involved with issues of family, life, legal defense, state, and economics.

The webinar has passed — watch the replay of Now What?: The Election is Over, Our Work is Not here.

In this free webinar,  Summit President Dr. Jeff Myers will share truths we need to claim, name fears we may be wrestling with, and offer practical ways to stay involved in ‘seeking the peace and prosperity of our cities.’ (Jeremiah 29:7).

This is a must-attend webinar for every Christian.

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