A New Season of Influence: An Update on Tripling Summit’s Capacity

Dr. Jeff MyersThis is the biggest news in the history of Summit Ministries.

Two years from now, with your help, Summit will be transformed from a life-changing summer program into a year-round nerve center through which not only students but also pastors, teachers, and other influencers will be equipped to stand for truth in every aspect of culture.

Not everyone is happy about this. The enemies of a Christian worldview are expecting us to retreat any day. Imagine their howls of rage when they learn that within 24 months Summit is going to be influencing millions of young people, not just thousands.

This is not a pipe dream. Two-thirds of the project is already complete. My family and I are contributing sacrificially to close the gap. I am asking you to join me.

Here’s the abridged version: The Summit hotel is a summer-only facility. Ever since the building was built in 1891, it’s been shut up tight during the winter months. But with the help of architect Jack Paulson, whose great-grandfather built the hotel, we have been quietly preparing it to be a year-round destination that is attractive, comfortable, safe, and handicap-accessible.

Opening Summit during the winter literally triples our ministry’s capacity:

  • Envision hundreds more students: School breaks in the fall, Christmas, and spring become training times to prepare students to stand strong for a time such as this.
  • Imagine advanced programs: Summit grads get a “Vitamin B12” shot through training and mentoring as they lead courageously in politics, business, science, and more.
  • Picture strategic events for pastors and Christian educators: Trained leaders return home to share biblical truth with tens of thousands of people we’ve never met.

And this is only the beginning. We’re also opening our doors to apologetics, biblical worldview, and discipleship programs whose partnership geometrically increases the kingdom momentum we see God building. It’s a game-changer.

Most people do not grasp the desperation of our times. Far too many hide their heads in the sand, hoping the bombardment will cease. That’s not our approach. We picture the noisy opponents of biblical truth with their binoculars out, scanning the horizon for a white flag. What they’re going to see instead, with your generous help, is wave after wave of reinforcements.

Years ago, I found myself captivated as Summit Founder David Noebel shared the multiplying effect a year-round Summit program would have. This dream is coming true right now. With a total bill of $3.9M, it’s our biggest stretch ever. But look at what God has already done:

  • Phase one: A state of the art sprinkler system, fire exits, beautiful new stair tower, and dozens of appearance upgrades.
    • Status: $1.1M raised. Project complete.
  • Phase two: Beefing up the hotel structurally, installing a new elevator, beautifying the interior, and preparing handicap-accessible rooms.
    • Status: $600,000 raised. Fundraising complete — work begins this month and will be completed in May 2015.

Phase three is finalizing the winterization. It retrofits the hotel with upgraded electric, a HVAC system, new windows, and insulation. Planning and engineering are complete. As soon as we raise $2.2M, we will hit the ignition.

In the coming months, I will be in touch to share details. Please open your heart to these communications. Ask God how you can play a lively role in preparing for a whole new season of influence for Summit.

Our Summit family can do this. Indeed, we’re more than halfway there. It will be our legacy to accomplish this great thing for the sake of our children and our children’s children, for God’s glory, and for this country we love.