Teaching Children to Build a Resilient Foundation of Faith

Did you know that around 75% of young adults raised in the church stop attending after high school? That is why now, more than ever, we need to equip our children in their formative years to connect personally with the Bible in a way that builds a foundation for lifelong faith.

Mission 2:20 doesn’t just teach Bible stories and moral lessons; ministry leaders are equipped to apply the faith of people in the Bible to a child’s everyday life.

Mission 2:20 is perfect for any weekend or Wednesday night class. Each lesson is written at age-appropriate levels for early, middle, and upper elementary students. It is easy to teach and takes students through two years of material during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Teacher Manual

$ 9
per manual
  • Take-Home Parent Letters
  • Lesson Plans and Suggested Teaching Sequence
  • Fun and Memorable Songs

Student Manual

$ 4
per manual
  • Engaging Games
  • Gospel-Centered Discussion Questions
  • Colorful Posters with Flashcards

Teaching Schedule

There is enough material in each lesson to fill at least an hour-long class. If you have less time, read across the suggested schedule below for the section of the lesson to teach.

  • Teaching the Lesson
  • Getting Started 
  • Teaching the Lesson
  • Memory Verse Activity 
  • Children’s Worksheet 
  • Getting Started 
  • Teaching the Lesson 
  • Memory Verse Activity 
  • Application Game 
  • Children’s Worksheet

Take Your Sunday School Classes to the Next Level

Biblical Knowledge

Teaching children a faith worth defending

Real-Life Application

Help your children apply what they are learning to everyday life

Engaging Lessons

Activities and games that bring the Bible to life

Instills Biblical Truth

Give them a framework for living biblically

Made for All Learning Styles

Questions that connect the student’s learning to the students heart

Easy to Teach

Teacher resources that guide you step-by-step

Frequently Asked Questions

The first series of lessons in the Fall curriculum takes children through 13 old testament narratives. By the end of the series, students learn 20 biblical truths, character traits that they can begin to implement in their own lives, and a memory verse. These lessons and the 20 biblical truths have been tested and proven to capture the attention of elementary-aged kids through Summit’s homeschool and Christian school curricula. The use of play and memorization gives students tools to remember their lessons and apply them in their everyday lives.

You can teach each quarter, or even each lesson, independently from one another. Although this is possible, we encourage children’s programs to adopt a full year (fall, winter, and spring) in order for students to receive teaching that builds from lesson to lesson and story to story. This allows students to see the whole story of the Bible as one narrative rather than separated stories. This compounding approach will result in the most transformation in students over the course of the year. 

Special holiday lessons are included for appropriate times of the year.

Ephesians 2:20 “built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.” 

Starting with foundational beliefs and growing into lifelong, flourishing faith. This curriculum builds a student’s faith and is centered around Christ Jesus.

Parents are encouraged to keep the lessons going throughout the week. We firmly believe that parents should be a child’s primary teacher. To help parents participate in their children’s spiritual education, we have included Parent Letters with each lesson. Parent Letters include: 

  • Lesson Summary
  • Memory verse
  • Discussion Guide

Year 1 Lessons

Year 1 Fall Quarter : Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Lesson 1: Creation
Lesson 2: The First Sin
Lesson 3: Noah’s Great Ship
Lesson 4: Abram’s Long Journey
Lesson 5: Abraham Passes a Test
Lesson 6: A Servant’s Journey
Lesson 7: Joseph Is Sold
Lesson 8: From Slave to Prisoner
Lesson 9: How Joseph’s Dreams Came True
Lesson 10: A Lost Brother Found
Lesson 11: Joseph Forgives His Brothers
Lesson 12: A New Home for Israel
Lesson 13: Jacob Blesses His Son

Year 1 Fall Quarter : 2nd & 3rd Grade

Lesson 1: Learning God’s Word
Lesson 2: Creation
Lesson 3: The Fall
Lesson 4: The Tower of Babel
Lesson 5: God Calls Abram
Lesson 6: Abraham Passes a Test
Lesson 7: Isaac’s Twin Sons
Lesson 8: Joseph Is Sold
Lesson 9: From Prison to Palace
Lesson 10: How Joseph’s Dreams Came True
Lesson 11: A Lost Brother Found
Lesson 12: Joseph Forgives
Lesson 13: Blessings in Egypt

Year 1 Fall Quarter : 4th & 5th Grade

Lesson 1: The Sower and the Seed
Lesson 2: Creation
Lesson 3: The Fall
Lesson 4: Abram’s Journey to an Unknown Land
Lesson 5: Abram’s Son Ishmael
Lesson 6: Abraham Passes a Test
Lesson 7: Isaac and Rebekah
Lesson 8: Isaac’s Twin Sons
Lesson 9: Jacob Is Called Israel
Lesson 10: Joseph, the Dreamer
Lesson 11: From Prison to Palace
Lesson 12: Atoning for Sin
Lesson 13: Joseph Forgives His Brothers

To learn about bulk ordering for larger churches, or if you have any questions, schedule a call with our curriculum specialists.