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Our Worldview Changes Everything
— Dr. Jeff Myers

Join Dr. Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, for an inspiring and thought-provoking weekly podcast. The Dr. Jeff Show features in-depth stories from celebrities, scientists, educators, and other cultural leaders about pursuing God’s truth in our everyday lives, all while living in a world filled with lies and confusion.


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Recent Episodes

Ep. 151 – Democracy, Judeo-Christian Values, & Radical Ideologies — Rubin David

What values did the founding fathers have in mind when helping to form our nation? How can we protect those values?

Rubin David speaks with Dr. Jeff at the National Religious Broadcaster’s event about the current political landscape in America. He identifies the dangers of radical ideologies to democratic states. Rubin David is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund (SICF) – dedicated to healing the trauma of child victims of terrorist attacks, as well as rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel through the children.

Ep. 150 – Bodily Agency, Abortion, & the Pro-Life Movement — Robyn Chambers

What is the importance of bodily autonomy when a woman is carrying a child? Is there hope and healing for women who have regrets about having an abortion? What does it mean that Colorado is now an ‘abortion destination state’?

Robyn Chambers talks with Dr. Jeff about the current landscape of the abortion debate and the hope and healing offered to women. Robyn is the vice president of Advocacy for Children at Focus on the Family and articulates what being an ambassador of Christ looks like when talking about abortion, the pro-life movement, and the resources that are available. You can find more from Robyn at Focus on the Family

Ep. 150 – Wisely Engaging the Culture in the Way of Jesus — Adam Holz

How, as followers of Jesus, can we be in the culture but not of the culture? We know that our allegiance is to King Jesus, however, this does not mean we should ignore the culture around us. We are to live as sons and daughters of God’s light (Ephesians 5:8) in a world filled with darkness.

But how do we properly discern how and when to engage with cultural movies, stories, songs, or topics? Listen in as Dr. Jeff talks with Adam Holz from Focus on the Family’s Plugged In. Adam is the director of Plugged In and cares deeply about navigating the culture wisely as Christians. You can find Adam’s work at Plugged In

Ep. 149 – A Biblical Worldview vs Counterfeit Ideas — Dr. Jeff Myers, John Cooper, & Lucas Miles

Do you want to inform those around you about the value of a biblical worldview over and against counterfeit ideas? Then this is the episode for you! This special show features Dr. Jeff Myers, president of Summit Ministries, John Cooper, who is the lead singer of the band Skillet, and Lucas Miles, a best-selling author and pastor. This panel took place at the Turning Point USA Pastor’s Summit event and addresses how churches, parents, and educators can help teach a biblical worldview.

Ep. 148 – Hard Is Not The Same Thing As Bad. Here’s Why — Abbie Halberstadt

Anxiety and depression are rampant in our culture today, particularly among the rising generation. But while life can be hard, it’s critical not to think of things that are difficult as necessarily being bad. That’s just some of the wisdom author and mommy blogger Abbie Halberstadt shares with Dr. Jeff Myers, unpacking the truths from her book, Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad. Halberstadt, a homeschooling mom to 11 children, including two sets of twins, explains the importance of not letting our emotions rule our behavior in any pursuit, from raising kids, to going to school, to doing our jobs. When we lean into God during times that challenge us, we find wisdom, courage, and peace. To learn more about Halberstadt, visit her website:

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About Dr. Jeff Myers

Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries. As an educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Myers has become one of America’s most respected authorities on youth leadership development. Focus on the Family founder James Dobson referred to him as “a very gifted and inspirational leader.” Evangelist Josh McDowell called him “a man who is 100% sold out to preparing the next generation to reflect the character of Christ in the culture.”Through his speaking engagements and media appearances, Dr. Myers has become a fresh voice offering humor and insight from a Christian worldview. He is the author of 14 books, including Understanding the Faith, Understanding the Times, and Understanding the Culture textbooks which are studied by tens of thousands of students.  Dr. Myers holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Denver. He continues to engage college students and adult learners by serving as a trustee of Colorado Christian University and through a Signature Leadership Course offered by the Lumerit Corporation, which serves the training needs of many Fortune 100 companies. Jeff and his wife Stephanie and their family live in Colorado.

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