Parent Kit: The Compatibility of Science & Faith

Summit Ministries is proud to stand with parents in every season of raising the next generation of Christians. It can be difficult to connect the story of God and his transformative power with the day-to-day of raising our kids. We want to support, encourage, & equip you with resources on this important subject. Below you’ll find material on the compatible and enriching relationship between science and faith. You’ll see how all truth, from the physical world to divine revelation, is God’s truth. 

How Jesus Followers Changed the World of Science

Did you know that the principles on which science operates are consistent with a biblical understanding of the world? Far from being mutually exclusive, we could even say that they are based on it! Check out the following article from Summit’s president, Dr. Jeff, as he breaks down how “Christianity was important to the founders of science not just because they happened to be Christians but because they embraced a biblical worldview and a biblical attitude toward science.”


Truth Changes Everything book cover

                                        Do Christians Value Science?

Too often Christians are talked about as if they are opposed, even afraid, of science. This is anything but the truth! J. Warner Wallace explains how Christianity and science are not mutually exclusive. Christians have been trailblazers in the field of science as they explore God’s ordered creation.

Faith, Science, & the Quest for Truth

Oftentimes, when asked by the younger generations if science and faith are compatible, we need real examples to point to. It’s one thing to say, in theory, science and Christianity are compatible, but has this been tested by actual men and women of faith?  

Check out the following article for helpful examples of individuals who took their faith seriously and sought to understand God’s good creation through scientific means and found incredible results. 

                  A Scientist Shares Finding Faith & Community

Tom Rudelius, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley shares with Dr. Jeff Myers his journey chasing proof and finding faith. Tom offers advice for students and young adults who are entering the field of science. He shares about the importance of a faith community not being afraid of asking questions in search of the truth.

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