Chesley Rowlett – Staff

Student Conference Chelsey Rowlett 2015 TennesseeA few months ago it occurred to me that the fall semester was almost over, and I hadn’t thought about my Summit experience since my freshman year of college had started. I attended Summit last summer after having just completed my senior year of high school in Indiana. My experience as a student was phenomenal, but I wanted to be able to give back. That is when I started thinking about applying to staff. I figured, “Hey, why not apply? If I’m not accepted, no big deal!” I honestly did not expect to be hired, but I was. I can tell you that my experience as a staffer thus far has far exceeded my expectations and my experience as a student.

When you are on staff, not only do you get to form a team with some of the best twenty-somethings in the country, you also receive invaluable training and mentoring from your coordinators and the faculty. My staffing experience has changed my perspective on life. Learning to pour myself out to students in a real and authentic manner is one of the most useful skills I have learned here. As most freshman college students, I definitely struggled with being myself and finding solid friendships. Coming to Summit as a staffer allowed me to form solid, foundational friendships with serious Christians from around the country! How cool is that? I would not trade anything in the world for this last week. It could not have come at a more perfect time!

A Household of the Faithful

Some people might think that staffing would be way too much for them to handle. I mean, spending two weeks working from 7am to midnight everyday? That is crazy! At least, that is what one might think. Let me tell you, you are right! It is crazy. It is crazy full of love, encouragement, thoughtfulness, learning, and of selflessness. The Summit staffing experience is packed full of service to fellow Christians. Galatians 6:10 says, “So then, while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.” I love the phrase, household of faith! That is exactly what Summit is, a household of the faithful. Summit is a place to find rest from the secular world that we live in and to form Christ-like relationships with other likeminded Christians that support and encourage one another. One of our coordinators, Lexi, says that Summit is a taste of heaven and I could not agree more! Being surrounded by staff that genuinely wants to love and encourage every student that attends has been one of the most encouraging experiences of my life. How often can we bring together a group of people like that?

Power of Prayer

This household of faith has allowed me to grow in my relationship with God more then any other experience in my life. Our time together is filled with faith, worship, and, most importantly, prayer. The coordinators and other staff members have encouraged me so much to expand my walk with God through my prayer life. I can honestly say I have never prayed this much in one week! Every meeting, meal, event, and lecture begins and ends with prayer. To say that we pray without ceasing here would be an understatement. Being surrounded by constant prayer from genuine Christians brings God’s presence like nothing else. I am being constantly surrounded by the presence of God through prayer. How awesome is that? Not only are the students being prayed for, but also my fellow staffers. Every decision, every person, and every moment has been prayerfully considered. That is beautiful.

If I could only say one thing about my Summit staffing experience, I would say that it has been restful. I know that does not seem to make sense considering you only get 6 hours of sleep per night at best, but consider that the body of Christ is surrounding me, 24/7, for two full weeks. Nothing on this earth could renew my mind more then that.