Rachel Fetting – Session 4

Summit Student Conference Rachel Fetting 2014 Colorado Session 4College is a launching point for many young adults; it’s a time to learn, grow, and gain independence. It’s also a dangerous time, as different worldviews and ideas are thrown at us, often disguised as freedom, political correctness or truth backed by science. Ideas have consequences, and my parents wanted me to be prepared for this battlefield of ideas. They heard about Summit through James Dobson and after discussing it a little with me, offered Summit as my high school graduation gift. I figured it would be a good experience, even if it wasn’t the most exciting graduation gift I could imagine. One week in I can say it has certainly been the most impactful, life changing, and information packed week of my life. Undoubtedly one of the best gifts I have received. I am so grateful for this experience and can’t thank my parents enough for providing this opportunity to grow in so many ways.

It’s been absolutely amazing, though sometimes overwhelming, learning so many different things in such a short period of time.  We’ve learned about various worldviews, such as Marxism and postmodernism, we’ve learned about abortion, homosexuality, biblical foundations, what it means to be masculine or feminine, that Christian faith is a logical belief backed by proof rather than fairytales, and so many more topics that have challenged my beliefs and the things I thought I “knew.”

One of the major things that has stuck out to me is how we are called to be active Christians. We are called to be passionate for Christ, strong leaders, world changers, speakers of truth — and I don’t mean any of those words lightly. It’s so easy for me to be an amazing Christian while I’m at church. Stepping into the world, I’ll love people, be kind and encouraging, but talk about my faith? That’s hard. Defending my faith? That’s even harder. It’s uncomfortable, it can be frustrating and humiliating and sometimes it can feel that you just can’t win. My small group leader had mentioned something one night that really stuck with me, I’m paraphrasing what she said but the basic idea is if you share the truth with someone, you’ve planted a seed, you may not see a difference or change, but that’s not up to you, it’s up to God. You’ve brought glory to God by sharing the truth. I found that really encouraging.

I am called to follow God, that’s it. Not to change the minds of people, not to fix every issue or struggle in the world. I’m called to seek and serve.

Which is almost oversimplifying all the callings in the Bible, but in the most simple terms, a Christian’s purpose basically boils down to following God wholeheartedly, without reserve. Summit has challenged me to be stepping outside of my comfort zone to step up to the task at hand.

To be spreading truth and standing up for what is right in topics of homosexuality, abortion, relative truth, and so on. Our world is shaped by ideas. Those ideas need to be challenged by the truth in love.

I’ve learned more in a little over a week than I have most of my life growing up in the church. The topics, the tough questions, and the ideas presented have been so useful, as they are often not addressed in the church. I’ve learned that ideas have consequences, that it’s alright to have big questions, and as Christians we are called to be active in our culture. I’ve been challenged in my faith, taught how to ask pointed questions, and encouraged to think for myself not just accept what is taught. I have grown in knowledge. in courage, and in passion for Christ. I’ve also had the opportunity to build strong relationships among the community of Summit, which has been such a unique experience. I’ve greatly enjoyed my time here from the beautiful morning hikes up the mountain, river rafting, absorbing knowledge in class, and to one-on-one time with staff.

Summit has been an unforgettable and life changing experience.