Nathan Schwebach (Session 2)

Summit Student Conference Nathan Schwebach 2016 Colorado Session2Moriarty, New Mexico | 18 years old

My name is Nathan Schwebach and I am from New Mexico. I was raised in a Christian home by two godly parents, however, prior to coming to Summit, I had never really taken my relationship with the Lord seriously. I was a Christian because my parents were, so in consequence I lived like a mediocre Christian.

I heard about Summit at homeschooling conventions. Summit Ministries challenged the way that I think, and taught me how to defend my faith succinctly and well. It covered a variety of topics from bioethics to Marxism to freedom of speech. It helped me to live my faith on my own and to think through it well and be able to defend it more. The more I was challenged, the more I wanted to share it with others and lead them to Christ.

More young people are needed to defend the faith and to be on fire for Christ. The Summit is a great place to learn and to solidify our faith before we, as young people, are on our own in this ever increasingly dark world. I highly recommend Summit for every young person who is looking to increase their faith and become a leader in their community and everywhere the Lord takes them. May the Lord bless everyone at Summit who willingly took it upon themselves to teach and invest in us.