Julian Hague (Session 6)

Summit Student Conference Julian Hague 2015 Colorado Session 6Baltimore, MD | 18 years old

I have traveled in India and Mexico, England and Italy, Canada and Bermuda, Israel and Puerto Rico, but no adventure, in my mind, compares to The Summit. I’m not saying those trips weren’t fantastic, I simply have never found a community like I did at Summit. From the moment I arrived at Summit, I was welcomed by everyone I talked to and my thoughts and ideas were given intelligent and thought-provoking answers. Needless to say, Summit creates a welcoming and accepting atmosphere which was incredibly refreshing and encouraging to the heart and mind.

I recall seeing on the orientation handout, “Things to expect: To be treated like an adult.” That was amazing to me. What camp aims to treat their campers like adults? This community of open-thinking believers really showed me what true community and Christianity should look like.

Aside from the community, the sixty-plus hours of lectures, despite sounding like summer school on steroids, were far-beyond stellar. They were captivating, convicting, and motivating. My father is a seminary professor, so many of the ideas were not foreign to me. In fact, even as I write this I am in a car headed to l’Abri Fellowship, Minnesota for a lunch with some students (l’Abri is the refuge Dr. Francis Schaeffer founded for anyone seeking answers. Schaeffer also had an impact on Dr. Noebel’s emphasis on forming a Christian worldview). That being said, I was introduced to many new topics, and I was given firmer foundations for what I believe.

I have never been exposed to that much information at once. The quality and quantity of intelligent thought was awesome, as well as overwhelming. I’ve spent the last few days going over my notes to remind myself of some of the things that were taught. I know this knowledge will travel with me throughout my life and help me to be a light in a dark world.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the hiking and sports opportunities that were abundant at Summit. To say that they gave us a total mental, physical, and spiritual workout would be an understatement.  I hiked Red Mountain seven times, hiked the Incline, ran the trail that leads down from the Incline, and climbed Pikes Peak. Apart from hiking, Sports Time twice a week provided opportunities to play volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. We would return tired and ready for dinner, which is a whole other topic that I will not be discussing …

Overall, Summit was a life-changing experience that I would recommend to everyone. If you are seeking answers, questioning your beliefs, or simply looking for friendships, there’s a niche for everyone at Summit.