Old Testament Theology: Dr. Ken Turner

By Joshua Grossmann (Virginia)

Ken Turner, who came to teach us Old Testament theology, was an excellent mentor for our class. He taught us from a standpoint of humility when reading and discussing the Bible, as well as respectfully entertaining the hard questions we routinely come across as modern-day Christians. We appreciated having a genuine and interactive speaker like Dr. Turner for the week.

How to Read the Bible

He started off the week by teaching us how to read the Bible, as well as how (not) to read it. He covered how we ought to approach the Bible with the right mindset and how to recognize and interpret the metanarrative of the Scripture. He showed us how the Bible’s individual stories work collectively in harmony to create what’s commonly known as the metanarrative. Dr. Turner walked us through the three stages of the Bible: Creation, Fall, and Redemption, with Jesus’ fulfillment of all the previous covenants. Additionally, he touched on the tough topics of Biblical genocide and issues pertaining to the divine council and God’s character. He concluded his class series with Semester’s infamous Song of Solomon lecture around the campfire. The influence of Ken’s teaching extended well passed the sphere of the classroom and into exercise and meal times. I’ve personally enjoyed having the company of Ken Turner at mealtimes as well as on the field.

We’ve learned to approach the Bible with humility and not with any extra agenda, whether it’s to search for our own morals or as a means to pick specific verses out of context to fit a singular belief. We’re thrilled to have had the blessing of having Ken Turner for the past 5 days, and intend to apply the skills he gave us as we continue to read the Bible intentionally and rationally.