Growing Together

Summit Semester Elizabeth Rhodes 2016Summit Semester is coming to an end, and with the ending of all school sessions comes examinations. But even amongst the stress of the exams, it’s easy to see how the students have grown in themselves and with each other. Study sessions in the lodge were common group efforts; being pushed by their peers and then pushing those peers in turn. I can see how vastly people have grown in both God and themselves, and the experience provided here was perhaps one of the most rapid growths in my life.

Our test proctor and professor was Dr. Bauman, and his acerbic humor lightened the mood somewhat amongst the audible stressing of the students. The essays focused not on regurgitating what you heard in class, but were made to make you think about the concepts involved. Questions such as “what is a human being?” stumped more than a few students, including myself!

With challenges such as these, and relationships such as these, I and other students have started to truly seize the moment. Instead of stressing and fretting (though there was plenty of that too, don’t get me wrong) the entire time leading up to the test, we got up and studied and wrote and worked our little fingers off. It paid off in the end, as seeing people turn in their tests before the timer was up was a triumphant moment for them.

The growth in God and faith shown here is truly incredible. Everything done is so genuine and whole, and the change will surely last after we go home, as bittersweet as it may be.

Elizabeth Rhodes joins this year’s class from Austin, Texas. Elizabeth has apprenticed at a local barn for over seven years, developing her own horsemanship skills while teaching children the basics. Recently her dedication and work ethic has given her the opportunity to work with the training of foals. She also enjoys writing, and is currently co-authoring a work of creative fantasy. A rigorous classical education has prepared her and excited her for the academic challenges that this fall will present. After Summit Semester, she intends to pursue a degree in Meteorology at Kansas University.