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Free Will or Fate?

Following the shocking anthology series, Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker and team have produced an interactive film called Bandersnatch. Bouncing off of a concept that has been used in the video game world for some time, the movie allows you to make choices about how the story will turn out as you go along. Every five to ten minutes you are presented with a choice of two ways the story can go. There are multiple pathways… Read More →Free Will or Fate?

Blocked in the Black Mirror

An Unsettling “Black Mirror”First airing on Netflix in 2011, Black Mirror is one of the most disturbing shows ever. Each stand-alone episode is set in the uncomfortably near future, exploring the ever-increasing (and often unsettling) role of technology in everyday life. As technology advances at a faster and faster pace in our world, the show raises questions about the ethical use of technology and what happens when technology gets out of control—or rather, when humans… Read More →Blocked in the Black Mirror

Fact vs. Faith?

With an average viewership of over 18,000,000 people, CBS’s hit show The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms on television. Now in its twelfth, and final season, The Big Bang Theory will be the longest-running multi-camera sitcom in television history with 279 episodes. The show also boasts some of the highest-paid actors on TV, with some characters making around one million dollars per episode.¹ Christianity and The Big Bang Theory The… Read More →Fact vs. Faith?

We’re All to Blame

[Spoiler Alert: This article discusses major plot points from the films Wonder Woman and Man of Steel]. Following on the heels of Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy, DC’s extended universe films haven’t exactly had fans or critics raving. The films have been troubled by production difficulties and overly dramatic character changes. (You may remember the fan outrage that occurred when Superman kills Zod at the end of Man of Steel). Breaking from Marvel’s… Read More →We’re All to Blame

God and Chuck

The TV show Supernatural, now in its fourteenth season, has a cult following. The show follows the adventures of two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they fight supernatural forces of all varieties. The show’s enduring popularity says something about our culture—namely, that the supernatural is still of interest to people. Despite what voices in the New Atheist movement say, many people still think that there is much more to this world than simply matter.… Read More →God and Chuck

Can you imagine?

John Lennon’s song, “Imagine,” is one of the enduring classics from the 1970s. Lennon was a member of the Beatles and an avid political activist. “Imagine” is an anthem of Secularism and remains extremely popular to this day. In fact, it practically sums up the secular worldview in three minutes. You can listen to a modern version here.     Living for Today Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below… Read More →Can you imagine?

You Don’t Own Me

In March of 2015, the Australian artist, Grace, released a cover version of the song “You Don’t Own Me,” originally recorded by Lesley Gore in 1963. The song became the number one hit on the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) charts. It was also featured in one of the trailers for the 2015 film Suicide Squad. The music video has been viewed over 213,000,000 times on youtube. You can listen to Grace’s version here.  … Read More →You Don’t Own Me

Help for Reading and Understanding the Bible

What is the Bible? The Bible. The book has fascinated millions of people for generations; but what is it? Why on earth do we still read such an ancient text? Indeed, the question is even more pertinent when we hear stories of those who have abused the Bible, using it to justify wars, hatred, and legalism. Christians argue that the Bible has authority over our lives. But if we’re going to say that, we need… Read More →Help for Reading and Understanding the Bible

Faith is about what you feel, not what you know—or is it?

The movie Gifted tells the story of an intelligent young girl named Mary and her uncle, Frank (Chris Evans of Captain America fame), who serves as her guardian after the death of her mother. The story examines the difficulties of family life, the pain of loss, and the challenges that go along with being a kid. Mary is exceptionally gifted at math and is curious about many things, including God. In this scene, Frank tries… Read More →Faith is about what you feel, not what you know—or is it?

Shaky Part 2: When Doubt Comes From A Misunderstanding Of Belief

Many people turn away from Christianity when their understanding of belief itself breaks down. People embrace one of what my friend Mark Mittelberg describes as different “faith paths.” There are six such paths: The “relativistic faith path” says that truth is what you make it. The “traditional faith path” says that truth is what you’ve always been taught. The “authoritarian faith path” says that truth is what you’ve been told to believe. The “intuitive faith… Read More →Shaky Part 2: When Doubt Comes From A Misunderstanding Of Belief

He Will Strike Your Head: God’s Unfolding Plan of Redemption

God’s grace first appears in the middle of sin—in Genesis 3:15—as God announces the consequences of the first disobedience. The defeat of the serpent is promised, as is humanity’s victory. This is known as a protevangelium, the first announcement that God would provide redemption through the One who would ultimately and finally crush Satan. This is the first promise of Jesus Christ. We’ll divide this cryptic announcement into four lines so we can examine each… Read More →He Will Strike Your Head: God’s Unfolding Plan of Redemption

Gospel Truth: Do the “Lost Gospels” Undermine Biblical Authority?

By Dr. Jeff Myers, excerpted from Understanding the Faith: A Survey of Christian Apologetics In 1945, fifty-two papyri were discovered at Nag Hammadi in Lower Egypt. Some of these texts had the word “gospel” in the title. Scholars have known about these and other second- through fourth-century documents for a long time, but in a culture that loves conspiracy theories and cover-ups, these so-called “Lost Gospels” make an irresistible story for investigative reports on television.… Read More →Gospel Truth: Do the “Lost Gospels” Undermine Biblical Authority?