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Couldn’t God Forgive Everyone?

Couldn't God Forgive Everyone?

In this short post, Dr. William Lane Craig of Reasonable Faith answers a tough question about God: why doesn’t he just forgive everyone? If we are all sinners, and he went to the trouble to come to earth to pay the price for our sins, why wouldn’t he just forgive all the sinners (everyone) and let them all into Heaven? Dr. Craig responds by saying that Christ’s forgiveness must be accepted for it to take… Read More →Couldn’t God Forgive Everyone?

Oh Death, Where is Your Sting?

Death, where is your sting?

In this thought-provoking article, Detective J. Warner Wallace highlights one of the practical out-workings of belief in Christianity. If we truly accept the Christian picture of eternity, that we have an immaterial soul that will carry on forever in relationship with God, it makes sense that we would not fear death nearly as much as those who believe in no afterlife at all. It is certainly understandable that we would be afraid of the unknown… Read More →Oh Death, Where is Your Sting?

Faith is about what you feel, not what you know—or is it?

The movie Gifted tells the story of an intelligent young girl named Mary and her uncle, Frank (Chris Evans of Captain America fame), who serves as her guardian after the death of her mother. The story examines the difficulties of family life, the pain of loss, and the challenges that go along with being a kid. Mary is exceptionally gifted at math and is curious about many things, including God. In this scene, Frank tries… Read More →Faith is about what you feel, not what you know—or is it?

Students learn true identity at Summit Conference

In today’s culture students are looking for meaning but also community. Many fear that standing for the truth of a biblical worldview will leave them isolated and alone. That’s where Summit came to the rescue of Rayann, a student attending Summit’s first session of the summer. Rayann was recently adopted by a Christian family and surrendered her life to Jesus. Hoping to spend time “alone with Jesus” this summer, she discovered Summit through an internet… Read More →Students learn true identity at Summit Conference

A Spiritual Confusion Plaguing Christians

Remember when TV host Joy Behar implied that Vice President Mike Pence was mentally ill because he said that Jesus talks to him? Dr. Jeff addresses the spiritual confusion that does, in fact, plague many Christians. Watch the video to find out more about Dr. Myers’ thoughts and what we at Summit are doing about it. Register for a student conference session today!

What’s worse than going to college?

Jeremy Uecker, a sociologist at Baylor, found that students who don’t go to college are even more likely than college-goers to drop out of their faith.   Why? Because they don’t realize that they’re still on a battlefield for their hearts and minds. Hard conversations are inevitable. How will your student prepare for their spiritual battle?   Send your students to Summit, where world-class speakers like Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace, and Christopher Yuan will… Read More →What’s worse than going to college?

Shaky Part 2: When Doubt Comes From A Misunderstanding Of Belief

Many people turn away from Christianity when their understanding of belief itself breaks down. People embrace one of what my friend Mark Mittelberg describes as different “faith paths.” There are six such paths: The “relativistic faith path” says that truth is what you make it. The “traditional faith path” says that truth is what you’ve always been taught. The “authoritarian faith path” says that truth is what you’ve been told to believe. The “intuitive faith… Read More →Shaky Part 2: When Doubt Comes From A Misunderstanding Of Belief