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What I Learned about Friendship from Stranger Things

[Spoiler Alert: This article includes plot spoilers for season one of Stranger Things] After a young boy vanishes mysteriously, his three best friends (along with an embittered sheriff, a potentially deranged mother, and two troubled teenagers) embark on an adventure to get him back, enlisting the help of a strange girl named Eleven (11), whose talents are a bit beyond the ordinary. So begins one of the best original series on Netflix—Stranger Things. Recent studies… Read More →What I Learned about Friendship from Stranger Things

The Importance of Dude Perfect

Whether they’re launching a basketball off the top of a building into the net with perfect accuracy, poking fun at the many stereotypical characters we encounter on the soccer field, blowing up a watermelon with a shotgun, or throwing toilet plungers at moving targets, the guys at Dude Perfect never fail to entertain. Here’s one of their best: With over 43 million subscribers, Dude Perfect is one of the top ten most-viewed YouTube channels. The… Read More →The Importance of Dude Perfect

Looking for Meaning in “Shallow”

“Shallow,” a duet by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from A Star is Born, was a hit song from the moment it debuted last year. So much so, that it’s still getting attention in 2019. This song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance,1 and on March 4th, it took the number-one spot for Billboard’s Hot 100.2 Why does our culture love this song? Maybe it’s the stunning vocals that give chills. Or… Read More →Looking for Meaning in “Shallow”

Hell in Hell’s Kitchen

For the past fourteen years, Chef Gordon Ramsay has been berating chefs and contestants on his show, Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay is well known for his savage insults and brutal language which he uses regularly on underperforming chefs. In the kitchen, Ramsay doesn’t hold back when he doesn’t like something, dropping the most vulgar adjectives he can think of. But Ramsay’s insults go far beyond criticizing a chef’s food creation. Ramsay rips on his chefs’ performance… Read More →Hell in Hell’s Kitchen

We’re All Infected

[Spoiler Alert: This article includes major plot points from The Walking Dead] The Walking Dead (TWD) is the most highly-viewed cable television series in history,¹ having won numerous awards and receiving great critical acclaim.² It is set after a zombie apocalypse, featuring various groups of humans who are brought into conflict while attempting to ward off a never-ending supply of zombies, known as “walkers.” In standard zombie lore, anyone who is bitten by a zombie… Read More →We’re All Infected

Worth More Than a Zero

Imagine Dragons has been dropping hit songs for a while now, and “Zero” is no exception. Released in September 2018, “Zero” was written and recorded for the end credits of the Disney movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’re likely familiar with the song. Though not the Imagine Dragons’ all-time top hit, it has garnered a lot of attention in its short life span to date. In “Zero,” Imagine… Read More →Worth More Than a Zero

Frank Turek and Mike Adams: Unplanned and The Abortion Debate

The Abortion Debate & Unplanned

Friday’s episode of the CrossExamined podcast, hosted by Dr. Frank Turek, featured a dialogue with Dr. Mike Adams. They discussed at great length Dr. Adams’ debate with abortion doctor Dr. Willie Parker, while discussing important scenes from the recent movie Unplanned along the way. They explain how these resources, and others, have been effective tools for changing minds on the abortion issue. These men bring up many different resources over the course of their conversation that would be… Read More →Frank Turek and Mike Adams: Unplanned and The Abortion Debate

Fact vs. Faith?

With an average viewership of over 18,000,000 people, CBS’s hit show The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular sitcoms on television. Now in its twelfth, and final season, The Big Bang Theory will be the longest-running multi-camera sitcom in television history with 279 episodes. The show also boasts some of the highest-paid actors on TV, with some characters making around one million dollars per episode.¹ Christianity and The Big Bang Theory The… Read More →Fact vs. Faith?

“I Liked it Better When My Car Had Sound”

Since their first studio album, Vessel, released in 2013, the band Twenty One Pilots has been tearing up the music scene with their unique sound and deep, introspective lyrics. In a world where most pop songs are about shallow love affairs, Twenty One Pilots has carved out a singular space where they can talk about hard things that people face, like fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, and insecurity. If you’ve listened to their music, you know that… Read More →“I Liked it Better When My Car Had Sound”

How Should Christians Approach ‘Noah,’ America’s Number One Film?

Noah movie poster

A flood of criticism has submerged Noah, the epic film inspired by the timeless biblical tale, in a sea of controversy. What are the aspects of Noah that remain true to scripture? Where exactly does Darren Aronofsky inject extra-biblical elements? Are these extra-biblical components necessarily unbiblical? By analyzing the film, Christians have an excellent opportunity to grapple with important biblical themes. 

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