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The Decline of Darwinism

The Decline of Darwinism

This recent article at Evolution News highlights some interesting developments in scientific fields about evolution. First, it discusses the recent skepticism of Darwinism by famed Yale computer scientist Dale Gelernter. Gelernter says that Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt was pivotal in his rejection of neo-Darwinian Evolution, and that “Few open-minded people will finish it with their faith in Darwin intact.” The article discusses further numerous figures and scientists who have expressed skepticism towards Darwinism, including a list… Read More →The Decline of Darwinism

Video: How can we have good conversations with authority figures?

How can we have good conversations with authority figures? “Ask questions, and do this within a context where you have already shown them that you respect them.” — Michael Sherrard, Author and Speaker, Relational Apologetics Author Michael Sherrard discusses how the key to conversations with authority figures is to show them respect. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the questions that you’re asking, address the difficulties… Read More →Video: How can we have good conversations with authority figures?

Is College Still for Knowledge?

Is College Still for Knowledge?

Today’s episode of BreakPoint by John Stonestreet challenges listeners to think seriously about the status of higher education in light of the recent college admissions scandal. Stonestreet argues that higher education is misunderstood on a much deeper level than this particular incident indicates. He discusses how the purpose of college in recent years has been to help students get jobs and make money, without a care for becoming better people. This is not how college… Read More →Is College Still for Knowledge?

Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Church & the Academy

This article by detective J. Warner Wallace does a great job of highlighting a shortcoming in the church today. Wallace points out that there has been an increased interest in apologetics at a university level in the last few years, even while the number of students who leave the church after high school stays quite high. This is not to suggest that students are deciding to study apologetics in college and then, after their training,… Read More →Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Manhood, Community, and Summit Semester

When students leave Summit’s summer conference experience, they set out on a journey, continuing to unpack hard questions about their faith, purpose, and identity. The two-week session is only the beginning. Some describe their two-week experience as “drinking from a fire hose” with all the information they hear and intentional conversations that they take part in. “Imagine if you could take this experience, these two weeks, and slow it down. Extend it to about three… Read More →Manhood, Community, and Summit Semester

A Message for Parents of High School Graduates

False ideas will collide with your student’s faith. How will your student respond to these challenging questions? These hard conversations are inevitable… Graduation is an exciting time for parents and students! Prepare your students for college by sending them to stand for truth! Summit’s two-week conferences can transform their entire college experience. “For the cost of textbooks for one year of college, your son or daughter can have an experience that will change their biblical worldview… Read More →A Message for Parents of High School Graduates

OneLife Partners with Summit

OneLife is offering to reimburse half of the cost of any Summit Conference in the form of a scholarship to OneLife, equalling $824!  Jimmy Hutchison’s Christian story began when he attended Summit summer conference in Colorado. There, he explored hard topics and saw first-hand people who experienced life and how to walk the Christian walk in the midst of everyday life. Watch the video below to hear Jimmy’s story… OneLife Institute and Summit’s partnership will help students… Read More →OneLife Partners with Summit

Why Worldview? Responding to a Critique on Worldview by Columnist Rod Dreher

Summit aims to train Christians to champion a biblical worldview. Obviously this means that “worldview” is an important part of what we do. Recently, worldview education has come under some criticism. In a recent article on The American Conservative website, senior editor Rod Dreher raised a question about “The Problem of Worldview Education” sparked by Dreher’s attendance of Society for Classical Learning conference. Read the article here to understand some of the points made by… Read More →Why Worldview? Responding to a Critique on Worldview by Columnist Rod Dreher

Top 5 Reasons Most College Students Give Up their Christian Faith

(Adapted from a 2007 article by John Stonestreet and Chuck Edwards) We talk a lot about young people walking away from the church, abandoning their Christian beliefs. The research is scary – studies show that as many as 70% of Christian students leave the church during college. Here are the top five reasons we believe (from talking with hundreds of parents, pastors, and youth workers) most students give up their Christian identity in college. No… Read More →Top 5 Reasons Most College Students Give Up their Christian Faith

Why Students Walk Away

Why Students Walk Away

We received an email from a Christian school administrator in Pennsylvania, sharing the story of a girl who had attended the school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The girl had gone to a university, and after three months, she emailed her parents and said, “Please don’t pray for me anymore, I no longer believe in God.”

This is what the school administrator’s email said: “We had her for 12 years. They had her for three months. What happened?” 

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