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Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Church & the Academy

This article by detective J. Warner Wallace does a great job of highlighting a shortcoming in the church today. Wallace points out that there has been an increased interest in apologetics at a university level in the last few years, even while the number of students who leave the church after high school stays quite high. This is not to suggest that students are deciding to study apologetics in college and then, after their training,… Read More →Thinking in Church Before the Academy

Don’t leave the Village

[Spoiler Alert: This article discusses major plot points from the film The Village]. In M. Night Shyamalan’s film, The Village, a group of people—all of whom have experienced a personal tragedy—decide to start a village in the middle of the woods to isolate themselves from the pain, sin, and wickedness in the outside world. In order to do so, they construct a village, dress likes it’s the 1880s, and create a fear that monsters surround… Read More →Don’t leave the Village

Video: What is one way to think differently about poverty?

Poverty: Beyond Material Needs

What is one way to think differently about poverty? “It’s particularly the breakdown of marriage and fatherlessness that contributes to child poverty.” — Jennifer Marshall, Vice President, The Heritage Foundation It’s easy to first consider material needs when brainstorming ways to improve poverty in our country, but Jennifer Marshall suggests that we need to really consider ways to restore relationships in families, communities, and the church to really make an impact on poverty in our… Read More →Video: What is one way to think differently about poverty?

Video: How can the church encourage healthy biblical engagement?

Healthy Biblical Engagement

How can the church encourage healthy biblical engagement? “The first step is simply to start reading big: reading whole books, and then beginning to learn how the collection of books tells a story.” — Glenn Paauw, Senior Director, The Institute for Bible Reading Often times people try to live their lives on small pieces of the Bible that are taken out of context. Glenn Paauw suggests that we should engage the Bible by viewing it… Read More →Video: How can the church encourage healthy biblical engagement?

5 Reasons to Celebrate Advent

Christmas Wreaths

It’s not surprising that as we enter December, we hear more about “Christmas” than “Advent.” Christmas is the celebration, the feasting, the gratification of desire. Advent involves something with candles that the pastor may mention a few times in December, a vague idea of talking about Christmas before it’s actually here. That’s a shame, because Advent, the build-up to Christmas, is the last bastion of ritual waiting in our culture. Advent (which means “coming” in… Read More →5 Reasons to Celebrate Advent

Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

The following is an adapted excerpt from chapter 1 in Dr. Jeff Myers’ new book, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God. Get your copy in the Summit Bookstore! We’re in a Secret Battle We live in a time of war. There are no soldiers in this battle. There are no landing craft, no bombers flying in formation, no artillery emplacements. Yet attacks occur every minute of every day. The battle we’re in is a… Read More →Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

5 False Worldviews

Recently Dr. Jeff Myers wrote an article for, one of the world’s largest online resource libraries for church leaders, volunteers, and staff members. In the article, Dr. Myers outlines the recent Barna-Summit research project that identifies how five opposing worldviews are influencing the church. Every day Christians are engaging in a battle of ideas. These ideas attack us like viruses that can sicken our hearts and minds. Read the full article to see how… Read More →5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

3 Myths That Shrink Faith and Drive Students From the Church

Dr. Jeff Myers

LifeWay did a study years ago showing that 70 percent of 23- to 30-year-olds drop out of church, and only about 35 percent return later to attend regularly. Sometimes we call this a problem with discipleship, evangelism, or faith formation, but we rarely call it what I think it is: the consequence of bad ideas.

I believe there are three faith-shrinking myths driving this generation out of the church, and we must prepare ourselves to recognize them and respond. 

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Why Students Walk Away

Why Students Walk Away

We received an email from a Christian school administrator in Pennsylvania, sharing the story of a girl who had attended the school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The girl had gone to a university, and after three months, she emailed her parents and said, “Please don’t pray for me anymore, I no longer believe in God.”

This is what the school administrator’s email said: “We had her for 12 years. They had her for three months. What happened?” 

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Sexual Scandals in the Pulpit: Billy Graham’s Answer

Sexual Scandals in the Pulpit: Billy Graham's Answer

Scandal after scandal has wrecked the American church in recent days, undermining confidence in pastors and other spiritual leaders, particularly in the largest and highest profile congregations. The credibility of the Church, not to mention the integrity of marriages, is at stake. And though God forgives, it’s time we take sin as seriously as He does.  

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