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Video: Why do we need to know what we believe?

What You Believe & Why

Why do we need to know what we believe? “Studies show that one of the reasons kids disengage the church… is they are not ready with an answer.” — Sean McDowell, Associate Professor, Biola University In this video, Sean McDowell discusses the importance of knowing what we believe, why we believe it, and what we should do about it. This video is part of a series titled “Answers to Your Questions”. These videos answer the… Read More →Video: Why do we need to know what we believe?

Love Never Fails

Agape Love Never Fails

How Jesus Meets Our Hearts’ Deepest Longing Above all else, the human heart cries out to know, Am I loved? We’re hardwired for intimacy. Our experience with love forms our desires, our characters, and our core identities. Our love shapes our lives. We are designed to give and receive love, yet many of us feel deprived of it. Famished, our hunger for affection tempts us to settle for less than the best or put up… Read More →Love Never Fails

Faith: Built on Evidence

Possessing a Forensic Faith Summit faculty member and cold-case homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace, recently released a new book about having a forensic faith. Wallace defines this as believing in something because of evidence rather than without or in spite of it. In a recent article, Wallace lays out three kinds of faith: unreasonable, blind, and forensic. “Jesus did not affirm the notion of ‘blind faith,’ and He didn’t ask us to believe something unsupported… Read More →Faith: Built on Evidence

Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

The following is an adapted excerpt from chapter 1 in Dr. Jeff Myers’ new book, The Secret Battle of Ideas about God. Get your copy in the Summit Bookstore! We’re in a Secret Battle We live in a time of war. There are no soldiers in this battle. There are no landing craft, no bombers flying in formation, no artillery emplacements. Yet attacks occur every minute of every day. The battle we’re in is a… Read More →Invisible Warfare: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Lives

5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

5 False Worldviews

Recently Dr. Jeff Myers wrote an article for, one of the world’s largest online resource libraries for church leaders, volunteers, and staff members. In the article, Dr. Myers outlines the recent Barna-Summit research project that identifies how five opposing worldviews are influencing the church. Every day Christians are engaging in a battle of ideas. These ideas attack us like viruses that can sicken our hearts and minds. Read the full article to see how… Read More →5 False Worldviews That Ensnare Your Church

Leaders Are Readers: Dr. Mike Adams Shares His Must-Read Book List

Mike Adams' Must Read Book List

Summit’s founder, Dr. David Noebel, would often say that “leaders are readers.” His call to read is something we take seriously around Summit. In the Spring Journal issue, we highlighted an interview with Dr. Mike Adams recorded for the Christian Worldview Thinking podcast last July. In it, Dr. Adams shares his must-read book list, and his testimony in the process. 

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Episode 20: Restoring All Things

Campus Preparation

Warren Smith sits down with Aaron Atwood to talk about Restoring All Things, a new book co-authored by Warren and John Stonestreet. Restoring All Things is a chronicle of how God is working to redeem, renew, and restore the world through the faithful acts of everyday people. In this interview, Warren discusses the ideas behind Restoring All Things, explains the importance of storytelling, and shares his favorite story from the book. 

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Episode 18: How Atheists Are Stealing From God

Campus Preparation

Apologist Dr. Frank Turek talks about Stealing from God, his new book. He overviews the book, explaining how atheists base their arguments against God in realities best explained by theism, such as morality, causality, and reason. Dr. Turek also explains how to practically and effectively apply the arguments from the book in conversation. 

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