Adoption and a Biblical Worldview – Kirk Cameron

Summit Ministries

Kirk Cameron shares about how he and his wife decided to adopt and how adoption is at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We started talking about having a family, knowing that my wife was adopted, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we found a child that was in need of parents and we adopted that baby,” and my wife thought that was a great idea. And so we did that. And we also understood as Christians that adoption is at the heart of God and that it ought to be at our heart too. And then a year later, we adopted Isabella and a year later we adopted Ana, and a year later we adopted Luke. And it wasn’t until after Luke that Chelsea told me one day that the sink was broken in the bathroom.

I went in there to look at it and I looked underneath the sink and the trap looked fine. I didn’t see any leaks and I wasn’t sure what she’s talking about. I looked at it near the faucets and I saw that there was this pregnancy test that read positive. And I thought what is this? What does this mean? You know, we’ve been married for six years and we haven’t had a positive pregnancy test. And here it is. And she says, “I’m pregnant. We’re going to have a little baby.” And so nine months later, Olivia was born. And then ten months after that, the sink broke again. And there was another positive test and James was born.

So now we have six kids, four of them adopted. My wife is an adopted child. And if my wife had been aborted instead of adopted, if that had happened, my two natural born children, James and Olivia, wouldn’t exist either. And my other four adopted children are alive because of the worldviews of young girls who found themselves in a scary situation of an unplanned pregnancy. And because they didn’t believe that they were just the product of an evolutionary process and what they had inside of them was a miracle and a person with a purpose rather than just a clump of cells, I have my entire family: Chelsea, Jack, Bella, Luke, Anna, Olivia, and James, the most precious people in my life. And all of that goes back to the root of a good and godly worldview.

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