Warwick Fairfax — Losing $2.25 Billion & Finding True Identity

Summit Ministries

Growing up the 5th generation heir to Australia’s largest media dynasty, Warwick Fairfax had his destiny decided for him. Or so he thought. At age 26 in the late ’80s, fresh from Harvard Business School, he launched a takeover to bring the company fully back under family control again — a bid that failed by 1990 and ended with the business founded by his great-great-grandfather going into receivership. From the ashes of what he calls that “crucible experience,” though, was birthed a calling all his own as founder of Beyond the Crucible — a vision built upon his faith in Christ and dedicated to helping others realize what he’s now long known: they are more than their setbacks and failures, and their identities are not forever tied to the worst days. To learn more, visit www.beyondthecrucible.com