The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 33 – Tim Mahoney

Summit Ministries

Filmmaker Tim Mahoney reveals amazing archeological discoveries that give us confidence in the events described in the story of the Exodus.

About Tim

Tim Mahoney is an author, filmmaker, and the founder of Thinking Man Films, an international production company located in Minneapolis, MN. Tim was raised hearing that the stories in the Bible were true, but as he got older he was challenged to lose those beliefs. These questions led him on a trip to Egypt and the very location of the Exodus story. It was there that he experienced his own crisis of faith when told there was no evidence for this account. Undeterred, he had to know – were these foundational stories in the Bible true or not? This led him on a 12-year investigation resulting in the feature documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus. Now, he has partnered with other filmmakers to explore archeological and historical evidence supporting biblical reliability,