The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 13 – Jeremy Tate

Summit Ministries

Jeremy Tate promotes Classical Learning Test — which includes great historical thinkers of all types — in order to encourage a well-rounded education that doesn’t discriminate against traditional religion. He also warns about the double-standard of educational decision-makers, who reject content that includes people of faith even though that same content includes atheists.

About Jeremy Tate

Jeremy Tate is a former college admissions test prep consultant and counselor. Alarmed by the lack of logic- and philosophy-based subject matter in the two dominant forms of entrance exams, he founded Classic Learning Test (CLT) as a means of restoring the foundation of Western education.

Serving in the same capacity as his prior roles, Tate applies his knowledge to the CLT mission of reconnecting intellectual pursuit and virtue. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Reformed Theological Seminary, and has four children.