The Dr. Jeff Show Ep. 11 – Jack Barsky

During the Cold War, Russia’s secret police gave Jack Barsky his name and his secret mission–to infiltrate the United States at its highest levels. How did he escape their control, and where is America vulnerable to foreign espionage today?

About Jack Barsky

Jack Barsky’s life story parallels the rise and fall of Communism in the second half of the 20th century, but in its broader sense, it is a multi-layered human drama played out against the background of a historic clash of systems and ideologies.

Fittingly, Steve Kroft of CBS’s 60 Minutes, called Jack a “relic of the Cold War.” Indeed, he is a relic, but this relic is very much alive, and he is now sharing his story, a story with all the elements of a Shakespearean drama: ambition, courage, ruthlessness, deceit, betrayal, love, survival, and redemption.