Painful Insights From a War Zone (Part 1) — Dr. Jeff in Israel

Summit Ministries

In this special episode, Dr. Jeff Myers recounts details from his recent trip to Israel with a group of multifaith leaders amid the nation’s war with Hamas. He explains why he was flummoxed by research that shows the rising generation knows Hamas is a terrorist group, but still sympathizes with its attack on Israel because of Palestinian grievances.

He also speaks movingly of visiting the sights of bombings and burnings and seeing horrifying images or the murders of Israeli citizens – and says he felt it important to experience because “In order to teach truth well, I have to immerse myself in an experience.”

He summarizes his trip as making crystal clear a truth we all must understand: The attack on Israel is not a geopolitical conflict but a geotheological one, in which those who stand for a biblical worldview have been attacked by those who stand against God.