Hard Is Not The Same Thing As Bad. Here’s Why — Abbie Halberstadt

Summit Ministries

Anxiety and depression are rampant in our culture today, particularly among the rising generation. But while life can be hard, it’s critical not to think of things that are difficult as necessarily being bad. That’s just some of the wisdom author and mommy blogger Abbie Halberstadt shares with Dr. Jeff Myers, unpacking the truths from her book, Hard Is Not the Same Thing as Bad. Halberstadt, a homeschooling mom to 11 children, including two sets of twins, explains the importance of not letting our emotions rule our behavior in any pursuit, from raising kids, to going to school, to doing our jobs. When we lean into God during times that challenge us, we find wisdom, courage, and peace. To learn more about Halberstadt, visit her website: MIsforMama.net.