Facing Hard Truths About Her Parents’ Deaths Birthed Her Calling — Lauren Sisler

Summit Ministries

College football fans have welcomed Emmy Award-winning ESPN sideline reporter Lauren Sisler into their homes weekly since 2016. But the popular journalist known for asking insightful questions and for the viral videos of her dancing her signature “Sideline Shimmy” shielded a tragic secret behind her smile for nearly two decades: Her mother and father died within hours of each other, victims of their hidden battle with prescription-drug addiction. She discusses with Dr. Jeff how the truths she’s learned from that harrowing experience have allowed her to use her pain to help others overcome theirs. Those are the insights she also shares in her upcoming book, Shatterproof: How I Overcame the Shame of Losing My Parents to Opioid Addiction (and Found My Sideline Shimmy).