Episode 72: A Conversation with Ryan Dobson, Pt. 1

Summit Ministries

Ryan Dobson shares the story of his recent decision to leave Family Talk, where he co-hosted with his father Dr. James Dobson, to spend more time with his family and pursue new ministry opportunities. Ryan and Aaron talk through the decision making process, and explore what Ryan has learned through his season of transition.

Make sure to hear the second part of the interview, as Ryan and Aaron talk about parenting, tips for beginning ministry, and building a platform of influence.

Ryan Dobson is a well known speaker and author. He served at Family Talk with his father, psychologist Dr. James C. Dobson, for six years. In addition, he’s spoken at Summit’s Student Conferences for years. Ryan currently lives in Colorado with his wife and their two children. For more from Ryan, visit his website: jamesryandobson.com