Episode 9: The Role of the Church in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Summit Ministries

Following up on last episode’s talk about same-sex marriage, John Stonestreet and Aaron Atwood dig deeper into the subject and look at how the same-sex marriage debate is undermining religious liberties. They discuss what the most appropriate response for the church is to this issue.

John suggests that the church needs to address same-sex-marriage through:

  • Standing strong on the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman.
  • Not letting marriage be redefined by divorce. That issue is one that also undermines the sanctity of marriage in a huge way.
  • Being front and center with grace and hope for the LGBT community, recognizing that we are all sinners in need of grace and that we are no less in need of Christ’s sacrifice than the gay community.

John Stonestreet is the senior content advisor for Summit Ministries and host of The Point, a daily radio show heard around the world.