Detective Wallace: Connecting Careers and Christianity

Christianity: The Life Encompassing WorldviewThis broadcast by J. Warner Wallace builds an interesting, useful framework for understanding the evidence for God’s existence. Wallace discusses a technique for evaluating evidence that he learned in his time as a detective, which he calls the “inside the room game.” He says that in the same way we can look at the evidence left at a crime scene to determine whether or not there was an outside intruder, we can look at the evidence in the universe to determine whether or not there is anything outside the universe.

Wallace not only offer us a framework for evaluating the evidence for God’s existence, but he shows us that if we take the time to be thoughtful, we will see that Christianity does not in any way have to be relegated away from our “public” life. Wallace’s faith is not a blind, emotion-driven, private affair. Quite to the contrary, it shows that there can be a profoundly positive relationship between our careers and our Christian convictions.

As a detective, Wallace has training that makes him especially equipped to evaluate evidence. We are thankful that he has used his training to help others understand the evidence for God. But detectives and apologists are not the only ones who can make contributions to import theological conversations. We should all be striving to understand how our vocations relate to our Christian worldview. Is there anything from your worldview that needs to be thoughtfully applied to your work? Is there anything from your work that can be thoughtfully applied to your worldview?

Jim says:

“When I first became interested in Christianity, it was on the basis of what I saw in the Gospels that resonated with my own practical experience working cases.”

Watch the broadcast on Wallace’s website: How to make the case for God’s existence like a detective