Strobel and Turek: The Case for Miracles

Strobel and Turek: The Case for Miracles

In this episode of the CrossExamined podcast, Dr. Frank Turek interviews Lee Strobel, author of the best-selling book The Case for Christ, on his newest book, The Case for Miracles. In this podcast, Strobel discusses some of the interviews with scholars and miracles stories he heard when he was conducting research for this book.

When Dr. Turek asked Strobel what the most surprising part of the project was for him, Strobel said that it was the airtightness, the complete closure to natural explanations for some of these stories, that shocked him the most. He shares a couple of these stories, and their corroboration, on the podcast. Some miracle claims, Strobel grants, can be explained naturalistically in one way or another, but many are simply inexplicable.

Not only are many miracle stories airtight, but they are widely claimed as well. Strobel cites a study that shows how 55% of American physicians claim to have seen treatment results in their patients that were miraculous. Miracle claims are not only made in ancient accounts or far off lands; they are made right in our midst, by some of the most medically knowledgeable people in all of human history.

These miracles can be an incredible avenue for opening minds to the message of Jesus. Often times people dismiss the resurrection because of its miraculous nature. Even if they can’t explain the historical facts surrounding Jesus’ resurrection, they simply “know” miracles can’t happen, so no amount of historical evidence would be convincing to them.

Contemporary miracles, however, have led numerous people to Christianity throughout the world. It may be beneficial to share some of these well-evidenced miracles accounts if you find yourself in conversation with someone who refuses to consider supernatural causes. Secularists of this kind are becoming more common in the U.S. today, so awareness of the resources available on this topic is becoming more and more important.

As beneficial as the impact of these miracles might be on our conversations, we must not let that be the end of our thinking about them. These events show us how the God of the universe is interacting with us. He is displaying his power and his love for us in incredible ways, if we would just slow down and take a look. The God of these miracles wants to have a relationship with us; he is truly worthy of our trust and service!

Strobel quotes Sheila Walsh, who says:

““If your faith was renewed and strengthened by The Case for Christ, you will fall on your knees in worship as you read The Case for Miracles… God is alive and working in miraculous ways in our world right now.”