Sharing Truth Effectively

Recently, Summit Faculty member, Sean McDowell, sat down with Dr. Tim Muelhoff, Professor of Communications at Biola University. They discussed how Christians can effectively communicate their Christian convictions in the culture in which we live. Few topics are as relevant for Christians as this. Read a small excerpt from their time together below.

You can read the full interview here.

MCDOWELL: What mistakes do Christians make when sharing a biblical perspective?

MUEHLHOFF: If no one responds to our message, we often feel that the only option is to turn up the prophetic volume. So we shout louder, or stage more vigorous protests, or show more horrific pictures, or warn of increasingly apocalyptic disasters. But in the face of diminishing returns, it would be good to remember that there are other options than turning up our prophetic voice. We might adopt a pastoral or persuasive voice instead; sometimes gates that are barred to angry shouting can be opened by knocking and offering to help.