Resurrection Today

The Point John Stonestreet

The Point John StonestreetMike Adams, professor at UNC-Wilmington and Town Hall columnist, had a terrific entry today: “Growing Out of Atheism.” Mike, who joined us at one of our Colorado Student Conference sessions this summer is sharp and quick-witted, and engaged in the battle of ideas on the campus where he teaches.

Today, he talks of the personal nature of this battle of ideas. In the article, Mike mentions a video by Gary Habermas, who has done extensive work on the historicity of the resurrection. Gary’s scholarship is excellent and is recognized even outside the Christian community (Anthony Flew mentions Gary as an influence in his book about his move from atheism to theism.)

Gary, a professor at Liberty University, spoke for us this summer at our Summit Virginia Student Conference. His session on the resurrection was excellent, of course. Still, the session I heard the most about was his session on doubt and personal struggle. In fact, one student came to faith in Christ as a result of that session. Why was it so powerful? Because the session is Gary’s own story about struggle and loss – his wife died of cancer several years ago. The resurrection that Gary had studied extensively became all the more personal through his loss. The resurrection matters today.

He describes this in the video that Mike mentions in his column.