Parent Kit: Equipping the Next Generation with God’s Word

Summit Ministries is proud to stand with parents in every season of raising the next generation of Christians. With advancements in technology and the rise of social media use among our youth, we want to support, encourage, & equip you with resources on the subject. Below you’ll find material on the topic of social media and technology to better help your children embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview. Check out our Summit Ministries: Parents page for more content!

                    Help for Reading and Understanding the Bible

Most of us know the Bible is God’s Word for Christians. But why exactly do we still need this ancient text? Could it be that the Bible is the grand, true story of reality, which climaxes in the work and person of Jesus? Check out the following article for help on how to better understand God’s Word and teach it to others. 

                             What is the Christian Metanarrative?

We all believe and live in a story that we think is true. Paul Gould explains what the Christian metanarrative is and how God has worked, and is continuing to work, throughout human history. God has invited us into this true story of reality!

Listen in below as Jon Noyes and Aaron Klemm have a conversation about the Bible and its transformative power and story. This discussion is to help equip, inform, and encourage parents in particular, who are in a unique position to speak into their children’s engagement with God’s Word and encourage them to dive into the life-giving words of God.

                  What Are Some Common Misconceptions & Wrong                                                             Ideas About the Bible?

Ken Robertson shares some unfortunate misunderstandings about the nature and role of the Bible. Scripture is God-breathed and crucial for the follower of Jesus, but its purpose must be properly understood.

Unfortunately, there have been some recent statistics showing that the rising generations are unsure of how Scripture can inform and influence the world around them. They need help seeing how the Bible is true, relevant, and applicable. Check out the following article for tangible steps and resources on how to respond to some of Gen Z’s questions about the Bible and its importance.