Parent Kit: Discipleship & Household Habits

Summit Ministries is proud to stand with parents in every season of raising the next generation of Christians. It can be difficult to connect the story of God and his transformative power with the day-to-day of raising our kids. We want to support, encourage, & equip you with resources on this important subject. Below you’ll find material on the topic of discipleship and household habits to better help your children embrace God’s truth and champion a biblical worldview. 

Thriving Students: Convictions, Character, & Community

Would you like your children or students not just to exist, but actually thrive? We’ve found that the rising generation who hold to a biblical worldview have three things in common: convictions, character, and community. Check out the following article for ways our children can grow into people who have a flourishing life. 

Listen in below as Arlene Pellicane and Aaron Klemm discuss the importance of daily rhythms with our children as we show them the way of Jesus. This discussion is to help equip, inform, and encourage parents, in particular, who are in a unique position to speak into their children’s lives and share with them the liberating and purposeful life God offers. 

Arlene Pellicane: Discipling & Parenting in God’s Grace

                 Transformative Household Habits for Families

We are the totality of our habits. The invisible, overlooked, and often insignificant moments of our day are where identities for ourselves and our kids are being fashioned. Check out the following article for encouragement and practical advice on how our children can live out God’s transformative and redemptive story

                            Is Discipleship More Than Mentoring?

Have you ever wondered if discipleship for our children is anything more than mentoring? Cold case detective J. Warner Wallace makes an important distinction in showing how discipleship is Jesus-centered and Spirit-empowered. To be a disciple is to be an apprentice, a follower, of Jesus. This is advice we can implement with our kids, today.

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