Lawrence and Tagovailoa: Christ is Lord of All

Christ is Lord of All

Today’s episode of The Point with John Stonestreet highlights two of college football’s up-and-coming stars, Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence. Stonestreet notes how these two quarterbacks, set to face off in the national championship game on Monday, have used their platform as athletes to express the importance of Christ in their lives.

Their words raise an interesting question: in what ways should we allow our relationship with Jesus to permeate throughout our entire lives, including our “secular” interactions?

Many in America today would argue that religious people should leave their beliefs at home when they enter the workplace or the voting booth for fear of offending or forcing their beliefs on others. However, as we can see in the words of Tua and Trevor, we can indeed bring religious convictions into the public sphere in a winsome, gracious, and appropriate way.

As the missionary Hudson Taylor once said, “Christ is either Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all.” If we accept this picture of Jesus, it is only natural that He would be relevant to all areas of our lives, regardless of whether or not we are in church. So, if we are asked about our motivation, our gratitude, or our purpose, we should not be afraid to give our honest answer.

We don’t have to have the national attention of these two men to have an impact in our own spheres of influence. We also don’t have to be professional teachers or apologists to start telling others about the most important aspect of our lives. If Christ is really our foundation and our guide, we will be looking for opportunities to spread His message wherever we go.

Stonestreet says:

“Now, I’m not an Alabama or a Clemson fan, but come Monday night I’ll be rooting for both of these impressive young men who aren’t afraid to stare down 300-pound defensive linemen, or to speak humbly and sincerely about their love for Christ on college football’s biggest stage.”