What Influences Students—the World or the Bible?

Everyone is looking for a community – something bigger than themselves

Dr. Jeff Myers talks with Word of Life, Multiply podcast host Brian Baker about the keeping young adults engaged in the church.

  • Young adults tend to stay involved in church if the church is giving them a Christian worldview that makes sense of current and future challenges
  • Young adults tend to stay involved in church if they have mentors who show that it is possible to live out a worldview
  • Young adults tend to stay involved in church if they are a part of a vibrant community

Nonbiblical worldviews can easily creep into the minds of believers. Postmodernism, Islam, and secularism are just a few of the ideologies you might be surprised to hear many believers are sympathetic to. On today’s episode, Brian is joined by Dr. Jeff Myers, the president of Summit Ministries. Summit is an international apologetic worldview ministry that helps Christians discover how the different worldviews line up with God’s Word.

Dr. Jeff says:

I think we need to be thinking about ideas as viruses. If we are not aware of the ideas out there standing against a Christian worldview than we are actually, perhaps, at greater risk of falling victim to them then if we take time to really study them carefully and then respond intelligently from a Christian worldview, which is our approach at Summit. I know that sounds controversial, but we’re finding that if you don’t do that, you can really be setting up kids for failure.

If all you’re doing is telling the same Bible stories over and over again, those kids will end up in the 70% who walk away. You have to say here are the worldviews out there in the world, here’s what people say, what’s going on in music, here’s what’s going on in movies, in your philosopy class and here is how we respond intelligently and compassionately as Christians.

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