5 New Books You Don’t Want to Miss

Around Summit, we spend a lot of time reading. Here are five books – by authors like Eric Metaxas, J. Warner Wallace, and John Stonestreet – that recently crossed our desks that we think you should know about.

God's Crime Scene J. Warner Wallace coverJ. Warner Wallace | God’s Crime Scene

In God’s Crime Scene, cold-case detective and apologist J. Warner Wallace invites you to join him in the courtroom as he presents eight pieces of evidence that he believes (spoiler alert!) point to a Creator. Wallace’s crime scene framework makes his apologetic arguments engaging and easy to follow as he addresses origins, design, consciousness, morality, and evil. It’s a worthwhile follow-up to Wallace’s first book, Cold-Case Christianity.

Recommended for: Learning to defend the faith

7 Women: And the Secret of Their Greatness Eric Metaxas coverEric Metaxas | Seven Women

Just like his earlier book Seven Men, Eric Metaxas’ latest book, Seven Women, is a wonderful introduction to the lives of some of Christianity’s most courageous role models. The titular seven women — Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Maria Skobtsova, Corrie ten Boom, Mother Teresa, and Rosa Parks — lived seven very different lives, but each was faithful and exemplary in the roles and situations God called them to. Eric Metaxas is a clear and engaging writer, and he tells the story of each woman with an inspiring and forceful grace. Seven Women is not to be missed.

Recommended for: Inspiration and conviction

Jeff Myers Understanding the Times coverJeff Myers & David Noebel | Understanding the Times

The world is a big place, but the world of ideas is even bigger. Understanding the Times is an atlas to the world of ideas. With an easy, readable style, it explains the geography of the six most influential worldviews (Secularism, Marxism, Postmodernism, New Spirituality, Islam, and Christianity) by showing the origins of each worldview, as well as what each worldview has to say about 10 key areas of thought. Understanding the Times is a book that will help you do just that — understand the times in which we live.

Recommended for: An introduction to the world of ideas and a solid worldview overview

Restoring All Things cover Warren Cole Smith John StonestreetWarren Cole Smith & John Stonestreet | Restoring All Things

The subtitle to Restoring All Things — “God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World Through Everyday People” — summarizes John Stonestreet & Warren Cole Smith’s book well. Restoring All Things is at heart a book of stories, stories of everyday people living out their faith where God has placed them.

Restoring All Things is arranged topically, addressing issues like poverty, abortion, human trafficking, justice, education, racial reconciliation, marriage, and art. Every chapter ends with a to-do list, helping translate the ideas from the page in the real world.

Recommended for: Cultural engagement

Stealing from God Frank Turek coverFrank Turek | Stealing From God

In Stealing From God, apologist Frank Turek challenges atheism head on, by arguing that atheists steal reason, morality, science, and more from theism as they make their case for atheism. Turek responds point-by-point, addressing reason, causality, information and intentionality, morality, evil, and science. He closes the book by building a ‘Four-Point Case for Mere Christianity’ and tackling the topic of hell.

Recommended for: Countering atheist claims

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