Faith: Built on Evidence

Possessing a Forensic Faith

Summit faculty member and cold-case homicide detective, J. Warner Wallace, recently released a new book about having a forensic faith. Wallace defines this as believing in something because of evidence rather than without or in spite of it. In a recent article, Wallace lays out three kinds of faith: unreasonable, blind, and forensic. “Jesus did not affirm the notion of ‘blind faith,’ and He didn’t ask us to believe something unsupported by the evidence,” he says. To fully live out our biblical worldview, we must go beyond simply saying Christianity is true. We must become ‘Christian case-makers’ with a forensic faith, knowing why the scripture is reliable, how we know Jesus really rose from the dead, and answers to many more questions we may face. In the midst of a culture challenging Christianity at every turn, the need for Christians to have an evidentially based faith has never been greater.