Equipping Pastors for the Next Generation

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Church leaders in America face a plethora of challenges and too often do not receive the materials, appreciation, and encouragement they need. Pastors must consistently find ways to balance their church’s spiritual maturity along with their own individual walk with God, all while wrestling with an increasingly secular culture.

Church leaders must address political divisiveness in the church, the ever-present problem of evil and suffering, unhealthy reactions to complex social issues, the rampant struggle of anxiety and depression, and pastoral burnout. All followers of Jesus have a calling to help build up the Body of Christ and to be a light to those who are considering leaving or questioning the faith, but pastors are in a unique position of leadership. And part of leading well is being prepared and thoughtful in responding wisely to such a time as this. This resource is one small step to hopefully help and inform church leaders as they serve.

In what follows, we have a resource where each chapter is written by pastors, individuals with unique church leadership experience. Each author offers advice and insight in a particular area of need they have seen in the contemporary Church. The diverse topics and writers serve to speak to a wide audience in a variety of contexts. The hope and prayer is that this content will help equip and encourage various church leaders as they proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God and the enthroned King, Jesus Christ, to rising generations. If you’d like to learn more about these subjects, check out the following free ebook: