The Decline of Darwinism

The Decline of Darwinism

This recent article at Evolution News highlights some interesting developments in scientific fields about evolution. First, it discusses the recent skepticism of Darwinism by famed Yale computer scientist Dale Gelernter. Gelernter says that Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt was pivotal in his rejection of neo-Darwinian Evolution, and that “Few open-minded people will finish it with their faith in Darwin intact.”

The article discusses further numerous figures and scientists who have expressed skepticism towards Darwinism, including a list of over a thousand PhD scientists who have publicly expressed their skepticism of evolution.

One point that especially needs to be emphasized here is that these scientists are frequently not Christians or even advocates of intelligent design. Gelenter, for example, specifically notes that he cannot accept intelligent design as presented by Meyer in Darwin’s Doubt.

This should be seen as a point in favor of the fact that we should be skeptical of the evolution narrative. Many objections to evolution are simply dismissed because they are supposedly only from Bible-thumping creationists who don’t believe in science.

That shallow retort does not apply here; the more time that goes by, the more highly-respected scientists come out against the theory that has dominated biology textbooks for so long.

Gelernter writes:

“How cleanly and quickly can the field get over Darwin, and move on? — with due allowance for every Darwinist’s having to study all the evidence for himself? There is one of [the] most important questions facing science in the 21st century.”