Darwinian Fairytales

David Stove Darwinian Fairytales

David Stove Darwinian FairytalesEvery so often I read a book that just blows me away. A book written by a non-Christian who happens to fall right into line with my way of thinking even though I try to line up my ideas with the motto “how would Jesus think about this.” A few years ago it was a book by Richard Milton entitled Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. Today it is a book by David Stove entitled Darwinian Fairytales: Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity, and Other Fables of Evolution. When I say both books are a hilarious read and will split your sides that is an understatement! You will be rolling on the floor, trust me!

And both claim to be non-religious. Both claim they are merely students of Darwinian evolution and have found it wanting in truth and full of errors i.e., a false theory. Their case will make any intelligent creationist take note.

In fact, Richard Milton is so bold as to take on the age of the universe and finds the universe a lot younger than the stated 13.5 billion years. Milton says, “using Libby’s own data, the age of the atmosphere is around 10,000 years.”

But listen to this from Milton: “In one of the most recent cases of anomalous dating, rock paintings found in the South African bush in 1991 were analyzed by Oxford University’s radiocarbon accelerator unit which dated them as being around 1,200 years old. This finding was significant because it meant the paintings would have been the first bushman painting found in open country. However, publicity of the find attracted the attention of Joan Ahrens, a Capetown resident, who recognized the paintings as being produced by her in art classes and later stolen from her garden by vandals.”

The 1,200-year-old rock painting should have been dated closer to 1975 A.D., a minor difference of 1,170 years!

But Stove, a professional philosopher from Australia who died in 1994, takes on Charles Darwin and his Origin of Species point after point until even an honest Darwinianist would have to ponder the evidence once again for the theory of evolution.

Stove makes it clear that before Darwin could publish his theory he had to distance it from the French free thinkers who were parading evolution around and about the French Enlightenment and French Revolution period. Darwin could not afford to awaken the hostility of the “religious” elements in England and therefore had to make sure that French atheism was not tattooed to his theory. It reality the religious elements in England swallowed his theory before the scientific community.

With Darwin marrying his theory of survival of the fittest (“the battle for life”) and natural selection to the theories of Thomas Malthus in Essay on Population (1798) (population rises or falls according to the food source) Stove has a field day. None of Malthus’ theory survives today and in fact, the present falling population of Europe has nothing to do with the availability of food. Stove wants to know why Darwin’s theory still hangs around since Malthus’ theories have been deep-sixed.

Stove also wants to know why few are noting the relationship between Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest and the robber-baron capitalists who “scientifically” justified their ruthless acquisitiveness. He also wants to know why hardly anyone is pointing out the relationship between Darwin, Hitler, and Stalin. Nazi and Communist crimes can all be traced directly to Darwin’s theory. In fact, Hitler criticized Christianity because it was in rebellion against nature! Nature being Darwin’s theory of natural selection, which works every hour of every day to bring about earth’s “favored races.”