‘As Long As It Doesn’t Hurt Anyone Else’

The Point John Stonestreet

The Point John StonestreetTwo brilliant examples today of why silly phrases such as “Everyone can choose their own morality/religion/worldview, as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else” fail what I called in my book “The Test of the Real World.” Some ideas sound great when you hear them, or look fine on paper, until they meet the real world of the human predicament.

My day began with a phone call from one of our Summit speakers, who needed to change his time slot for an upcoming conference. A former Muslim who converted to Christianity, he now speaks nationally and internationally on why Christianity is true and Islam in not. The reason he could no longer make the time and day we had scheduled him for is because a meeting “came up” with the FBI. The situation: an Islamic group had emailed him threatening to behead him, his wife, and his two children. They identified his family in the threat by name.

Later today, I received the following email from Kevin Bywater, director of our Summit Oxford program:

Some people ask what harm there is in gay marriage. After all, they claim, the homosexuals are not hurting anyone (but perhaps themselves). This naive perspective fails to see the political and legal strategy of homosexuals, and it fails to appreciate the ramifications of acknowledgement and affirmation.


This is something you must read or listen to. There is a coming storm — indeed, it is here — and homosexuals are winning many court cases that force acknowledgement, affirmation and virtual promotion of their deviation. We know this already, of course, but this program caught my attention. The audio is about 8 minutes long. The article is a transcript.

The reality is that worldviews collide. Contrary moral beliefs collide. Ideas aren’t merely esoteric wrestlings of the intelligentsia. They matter. They matter deeply. They matter deeply for real people, cultures, and nations.

What an interesting day…