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How has your student’s view of sexuality been affected by the prominence and acceptance of same-sex marriage and homosexuality?

  • What questions do your students have?
  • How do you respond?
  • Do you feel equipped to navigate these questions?

This free event led by worldview experts John Stonestreet, Christopher Yuan, Caleb Kaltenbach, and others will equip youth leaders to help students navigate a sexually broken culture.

Summit Basecamp will give you the confidence to lead your students to recognize the ideas that are influencing how they think about their identity. This event will help equip those working with Gen Z to begin to help their students answer questions about their identity in Christ.

Qualifies for 3 contact hours from ACSI, FACCS, AACS, ACTS, and ILCS

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Do you struggle to connect with students in middle and high school? Summit has been teaching and engaging students for 55+ years. We understand the unique challenges of connecting with this generation. World-class speakers, Dr. Jeff Myers, Jason Jimenez, and Mike Sherrard will lead discussions about relationships, role models, identity, and biblical authority.

Summit Basecamp is free to attend in-person or through a simulcast experience. Spend an afternoon with Christian leaders who will help you better understand and connect with Gen Z. Go back to your students with practical tools to help them stand strong while living out the biblical worldview.

It’s time to stop watching students walk away from their faith.

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According to Barna Group research, fewer than 20% of Christians have a biblical worldview. When it comes to key foundational beliefs about God, Jesus, Satan, salvation, and the Bible, 4 out 5 Christians reject the church’s orthodox teachings. Instead, Barna found that most Christians accept ideas fundamental to secularism, Marxism, Islam, new spirituality, and postmodernism. All of which are worldviews that vehemently oppose Scripture.

The Secret Battle of Ideas about God is Summit’s newest professional development curriculum. It is designed to help educators instill a Christian worldview into the hearts and minds of an entire school. School administrators and teachers will earn CEUs as they are introduced to the concept of worldview thinking. Participants will also examine the dominant non-Christian ideas that many believers have adopted today.

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When educators flourish in their relational skills, it leads to verifiable improvements in students’ spiritual, personal, academic, and social growth.

The Cultivate Project equips administrators and teachers to bridge the ever-widening generation gap and infuse a mentoring mindset into your school’s DNA. The professional development curriculum will spark students’ spiritual growth, personal motivation, academic engagement, and positive social interaction. Anchored by the book, Cultivate, the curriculum consists of 14 sessions following an application-focused DVD format.

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PAQ for Biblically Integrated Instruction guides teachers in planning and teaching lessons to foster students’ critical analysis of content from a biblical worldview. Schools participating in PAQ have witnessed teachers applying the principles learned in PAQ the very next day in the classroom.

Written by Annie Gallagher, Ph.D., PAQ’s instructional strategies are designed to guide students in three major ways. First, students will establish the biblical purpose for content. Second, learners will focus on worldview assumptions in curriculum content. And lastly, students will learn to ask worldview questions while applying a biblical perspective. PAQ gives teachers more confidence and provides practical understanding in worldview integration. Plus, administrators gain a working knowledge of instructional strategies for biblical worldview integration.

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