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1. How to I sign up for activities? Do I have to participate?

All activity sign-ups happen once you arrive for your session. Daily announcements will be made regarding when each activity sign-up will begin. Most activities are not mandatory, though there are a few group activities that the entire student body will participate in. Should you have any physical limitations or moral objections/sensitivities/restraints which might keep you from any group activity, please discuss them with your small group leader as soon as possible.

Extra activity prices
Tubing: $30
Sky Zone Trampoline Park :$20
Safari Park: $20

2. How old do I have to be to attend Summit?

Summit accepts registrations for 16-year-old students and above. If you are 15, you can apply for an age exception (please contact our main office for this form). We accept very few 15-year-olds per session that will be taking college-level courses that fall. Summit was designed to be a college preparatory program and we have found that the information can be intense even for 16-year-olds.

3. What are the topics Summit covers?

Summit aims every summer to include new and relevant topics impacting the Christian faith. Some major topics around Summit are worldview, apologetics, and leadership. Other staples of the Summit track include abortion, gender issues, biotechnology, media, religious freedom, politics, economics, and intelligent design.

4. What does a normal day look like for a Summit student?

Each morning begins with a great breakfast! Students then head to class for the morning. After lunch is another short session. Every afternoon is given to free time (with optional activities) or group activities depending on the day. Dinner is a favorite time for students to discuss the sessions that day. Right after dinner is an optional Q and A time with the visiting speakers that day. It’s a time for students to ask any questions from a class that day or any other questions the student might have. The evening session starts at 7 PM and typically ends about 9 PM. Every session at Summit TN, small groups meet after the evening session and then lights out is at 11 pm! Each day is packed, and students say the two weeks fly by!

5. What should I wear?

Tennessee is beautiful and hot during the day. Classroom attire is casual. There is no need to dress up, but know that pajamas aren’t acceptable in the classroom. Most folks enjoy shorts/pants and a t-shirt in the Summit TN classroom. Sometimes the classroom may be rather cool so pack a few long sleeve shirts or hoodies!  Every afternoon at Summit TN is an activity afternoon, so pack a handful of sports shorts and t-shirts for afternoon activities. Be sure to pack a nice outfit for graduation. Guys typically wear a dress shirt and tie and girls wear Sunday dresses.

Check out our official Summit TN Packing List below:

  • Bible and devotional materials
  • Classroom attire (pants, shorts, skirts, and shirts)
  • Sports clothes
  • Copy of your insurance card.
  • A hat/sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Graduation attire
  • Toiletries
  • Credit card, debit card, or gift card
  • Your favorite musical instrument for performance night (you will audition for spots in this special night!) or just spending time with new friends.
  • Laundry detergent
  • Towels, washcloths, bedding (for standard twin bed), and pillows

A few things NOT to bring :

  • Valuables (You room can be locked, but you are responsible for your own belongings)
  • Laptop (You will not need this. A session notebook will be given to you)
  • Tobacco, alcohol, vaping or marijuana products
  • Weapons of any kind

6. How are roommates selected?

Unless you specify a roommate when you register, roommates are assigned randomly by age. Each dorm room at Union University accommodates 4 students. Roommate requests must be made at least one week prior to arrival, and last minute room requests cannot be accepted.

7. Is technology allowed?

We highly discourage students from bringing laptops for a variety of reasons. First, we want students to fully engage in the Summit experience and not be distracted by their laptops. For that reason, students are only allowed to take notes on their laptops in class if there is a learning disability that requires it (if you require a laptop to take notes, please let our main office know before your session). Secondly, students do not have access to WiFi. If they need to get WiFI they can go downtown during their free time to one of the many coffee shops. Third, students are responsible for any items they bring to Summit. Summit is not liable for any items stolen while a student is at Summit. Lastly, Summit students are not allowed to watch movies or listen to music on their laptops while at Summit.

Students welcome to bring their smartphones or cell phones to Summit, but we encourage students to leave their phones off or in their rooms during class so they aren’t a distraction. Students are not allowed to watch movies or listen to music on their smartphones during their time at Summit. Social media is allowed, but we encourage students to limit their use during their session in order to fully engage in the experience of Summit.

8. Do you offer any financial assistance?

Yes. Tuition assistance available based on finanicial need. Please review the Tuition Assistance Overview Document. Limited funds are available. Please call for more information or if you have questions (866.786.6483)

9. What does it mean that the program is cashless?

Our summer programs are cashless which means students will need to pay for all books, activities, college credit, and other items through Summit with a credit card, debit card, or gift card. Students are still encouraged to bring some cash as there may still be a need for a small amount of cash for things (such as doing laundry onsite) while at Summit, or for off-site purchases.

10. What can I expect for the day of graduation?

The session concludes on Friday night.

  • 4:45 pm – Parents’ Meeting
    • Parents and family of students are invited to join a brief overview of what their student has experienced over the last 12 days.
  • 5:30 pm – Dinner
    • Parents and guests are welcome to join us for dinner. Please have your student sign up that you plan to attend by Thursday of the second week. We will then give Union’s cafeteria a count for dinner. You will pay Union directly for your meal ticket ($8), students also have the option to pay for their parents/guests in advance.
  • 7:00 pm – Graduation
    • Students wear formal attire for this diploma ceremony. Parents have a reserved section during this special event at the Grant Center.
  • 8:30 pm – Dessert Reception
    • Following graduation, all attendees are invited to attend this late night event at the Grant Center.

Students can depart after graduation, though most leave on Saturday morning.

11. How do I contact Summit staff and a student during a summer session?

Call this phone number day or night during the session to connect with the Summit staff. 731.661.5115

12. Where do I park on the campus of Union University?

A special parking lot is reserved for Grant Event Center guests. Located in front of the Grant Center, this parking lot can be accessed in two ways:
West Entrance (Pleasant Plains entrance)
  • Enter the Campus via the West Entrance (Pleasant Plains Drive).
  • Bear right upon entering.
  • Follow signs to the Barefoot Student Union, which lead you behind White Hall.
  • Enter the west Penick Academic Complex Parking Lot.
  • Turn left before the sand volleyball court, leading to the Carl Grant Event Center reserved parking lot in front of the Events Center.
Walker Road Entrance
  • Enter the Campus via the Walker Road Entrance off of Union University Drive.
  • Proceed straight upon passing Union’s Welcome House.
  • Walker Road will force you to go left when approaching the Bell Tower, and then you will take an immediate right towards the Carl Grant Center.
  • This will lead you to the Carl Grant Event Center reserved parking lot in front of the Events Center.
View the interactive campus map, here.

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