Summit Hospitality Internship

Hospitality Internship

 The Hospitality Intern at Summit is given the opportunity to engage and further develop the variety of services the Hospitality Team provides to ensure the best possible care for everyone on the Summit campus.  Showing the intentional love of Christ through good food, clean facilities, and welcoming acts of service are at the heart of this position.   

Daily education, spiritual development, lots of hands-on practice, and regular feedback are major parts of the program. During the internship, the Hospitality intern will be a part of a variety of different tasks tied to the operations required to serve a community of 300 people. The work can be physically challenging, but it is often rewarding through being a participant in the tangible care and improvement of the Summit campus.

Reports to: Molly Geiger, Hospitality Coordinator

Location: Summit Headquarters, Manitou Springs, CO

Department: Ministry Services

Hours: 40 hours per week, overtime as needed

Compensation: $14-$15.50 per hour, DOE. 

Please note: $275 per month for meals and $175 per month in rent will be deducted from pay to help cover these additional expenses.

The internship is designed for an ideal length of 12-14 weeks. However, start and end dates are negotiable from May 6th to September 1st. The intern must commit to a minimum of 10 consecutive weeks in order to be considered for this position.

Guest Services

  • Complete cabin turnovers for guest cabins.
  • Provide assistance with deep cleaning cabins and homes, including short-term rentals.
  • Comply with procedures and quality control for domestic services in all facilities. This includes cabin or room checks before every guest arrives.
  • Provide after hours and weekend support for guest requests or quick turnovers.

Department Support

  • Assist the Hospitality Specialist with checking, purchasing, and stocking domestic supplies for guest cabins and offices.
  • Coordinate with domestic staff and outside vendors and contractors to help with quality control in domestic services.  This may include helping with the opening and closing of the Hotel.
  • Support the kitchen staff through procuring groceries or pantry goods and filling staff shortages on kitchen or dishpit crews. This includes meal prep and dishwashing.
  • Assist with planning and hosting large Summit sponsored events including session graduations.
  • Assist with summer activities related to student conferences.  These may include helping to lead volunteer crews or special events.

 Property Development

  • Improve storage areas for all kitchen and domestic supplies in offices and the Hotel.
  • Assist with interior design and furnishing projects led by the Hospitality Coordinator.
  • Work with the Hospitality Coordinator to write standard operating procedures for all kitchen and domestic activities.
  • Complete groundwork through maintaining and improving landscape beds.
  • Assist with interior and exterior painting projects as time allows.


  • Mature Christian, grounded in the Word and Biblical worldview
  • The ability to meet deadlines and work within a team
  • Strong initiative and problem solving
  • Able to operate well under the pressure of deadlines
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to assist with training other staff and delegating tasks
  • Attention to detail, especially with cleanliness and order of physical surroundings
  • Must be willing to work occasional weekends or after business hours for guest turnovers. Summer conferences may require a consistent Saturday work schedule.

Please send any questions regarding this internship to Molly Geiger: