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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Summit Virtual conference?

A new five-day Summit worldview conference creatively customized for an online, rather than onsite, experience.  Students experience world-class live training, develop new friendships, and participate in fun activities, all on a safe, convenient, easy to use digital platform. Summit Virtual is an internet portal through which students participate in live lectures and Q & A, connect in streaming video chats and small groups, receive personalized one-on-one mentoring, share in daily offline fun activities, win prizes, and experience a few surprises along the way!

What if my student doesn’t want to take another online learning class?

Summit Virtual is designed to be fast-paced, interactive, and eye-opening. Students who are sick of pre-recorded lectures and Google meetups will be amazed at how much they learn, how they get good answers to their questions, how many new friends they make, and how quickly the time goes.

Summit Virtual meets each morning and each evening, with plenty of breaks. During the afternoons, students will have a chance to meet in small groups with like-minded friends and compete in video contests and other challenges.

Compared to the slow, lumbering e-learning most students have experienced, Summit Virtual will feel like a drive through the mountains with the top down.

Is the 5-day program new?

Yes! Like many other organizations, Summit Ministries is adjusting to the impact COVID-19 has had on all of us. However, we believe the need for solid, truth-filled biblical worldview training is more important now than ever. In this new reality, we think offering additional ways to access Summit training is good for everyone. Although different from our live conference, a virtual conference is a great way to experience Summit digitally.

How is the 5-day virtual conference different from the two-week live conference?

We hope both experiences are great opportunities for students to learn and grow, however, the 5-day conference is a shorter, condensed online version of the longer, expanded live conference. It’s impossible to fully replicate face-to-face training and relationship building online. However, each program has a unique and useful place in our summer program schedule.

Should I just wait to sign up for a two-week Student Conference for 2021?

This summer is a critical time emotionally for young adults. They need challenges that will grow them as leaders. Students who attend Summit Virtual will build anticipation for next summer’s in-person programs and also receive an additional $200 credit toward the cost of a two-week session.

What topics will be covered during the course of the week?

  • Worldview Survey
  • The Case for Life
  • Bioethics: Getting The Big Picture Right
  • The Case Against Relativism
  • The Cold Case Reliability of the Gospels
  • The Biblical Worldview of Dating
  • Will of God
  • Marriage: Why it Matters
  • and more…

What technology does my student need?

Each student needs a computer or tablet, equipped with a camera so they can see and hear multiple participants simultaneously. Smartphones are not recommended. A fast, reliable internet connection is required.

How will I log in and view the sessions from my computer?

You will be given guided instructions from the Summit tech team for your personal device for each session.

Will I still receive a college scholarship for attending Summit Virtual?

The following colleges will accept the Summit Virtual completion certificate:

  • Asbury University
  • Friends University
  • Gutenburg College
  • Lancaster Bible College
  • OneLife Institute
  • Taylor University

Click here for more details on the scholarships.

Can I attend Summit Virtual if I have attended a Student Conference?

Yes, while some content may seem redundant there is much more Q&A built into the Virtual Summit providing a unique experience each time. There are also many different lecture options, for example, there may be a conversation about evangelism and God’s will going on at the same time in different virtual rooms. Choose which one and have more opportunities to ask questions of the faculty member.  Of course, you will receive all of the lectures you missed after your Virtual Summit.

Does this course replace Summit’s two-week Student Conference?

No. Our 5-day virtual conference is intended to be a unique experience not dependent on our live conference. There may be content overlap but this is not a replacement but a new and innovative way to excite the next generation to champion a Biblical Worldview.

Will I be able to receive a college scholarship through Summit Virtual?

We are currently in communication with the scholarship colleges to confirm whether they will accept the completion certificate for Summit Virtual.

Is there an age limit on the virtual conference? 

Summit Virtual is designed for 16-to-25-year-olds, but stay tuned for news about Summit Virtual for adults!

Is Tuition Assistance available for Summit Virtual? 

Yes. Fill out this form and request details.