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What is the application deadline for Summit Semester?

There is no application deadline. Admissions are rolling, and applicants are typically notified of Summit’s admittance decision within three weeks of submitting their applications. Once 30-32 outstanding students and five alternates are accepted, no further applications are reviewed for that semester. The latest admissions information is posted on the Summit Semester Calendar.

Since Summit Semester is not a college, will my child lose his or her health insurance coverage?

The legal name of Summit Ministries is “American Christian College.” Your student will be studying with American Christian College, at a program called Summit Semester. A simple letter (sent by us on American Christian College letterhead) stating that one is a full-time student with American Christian College during the fall semester has satisfied the requirements of insurance companies.

Is Summit Semester offered in the spring?

No. At this time we only offer Summit Semester in the fall.

Is college credit optional at Summit Semester?

Yes, credit is optional. Students may receive credit for as many of the courses listed below for which credit is available (see “What courses are available?”).

Will I have more course work if I pursue college credit at Summit Semester?

No. Every student at Semester will take the quizzes and tests and write the papers. Everything is graded and returned to each student for constructive feedback. Those taking some or all of the classes for credit will be awarded a final grade that is reported to Bryan College.